4 Things to Do Immediately After a Vehicle Accident  

When you are involved in a vehicle accident, odds are you are likely shaken by the experience. It is important that right after a crash, you remain clear-headed so that you can take the necessary steps in the event you need to retain a Houston car accident lawyer to take on your case. If you have been involved in a car accident, make sure you take the steps below immediately following the event to ensure that you have everything you need in case you end up going to court.

  1. Contact the Police

Always report the accident to the police. A police report is vital not only for an insurance claim but also in the event a lawsuit comes out of the accident. Unless it is unsafe, leave your vehicles in the same spot and wait for the police to arrive before touching anything. The police will assess the scene and determine if one or more drivers may be at fault and if any citation needs to be issued.

  1. Get the Other Driver’s Information

Even though the other driver’s information will be on the police report, it is better to have this information as soon as possible. Ask them for their insurance information, name, address, and contact number. It can take several days for the police report to be filed. This way, you will have everything you need to get your insurance claim rolling. One note of caution. Always limit your conversation with the other driver as to the exchange of information. Don’t discuss the particulars of the accident, discuss who’s fault it was, or make any statements about what you were doing when the accident occurred. This information can easily be twisted and negatively affect the claims process.

  1. Take Photographs of the Accident Site

Take a few pictures with your phone of the damage to both vehicles and the placement of the vehicles during the accident. If you have to move the cars to safety, be sure to get these pictures before any movement occurs. Get as close to the damage as you can, and get any items in the shot that can indicate what happened, such as the presence of a stop sign, traffic light, skid marks, etc. While the police will likely take photos, this way you can be sure you have the detailed ones that you may need in the event of a lawsuit.

  1. Contact a Houston Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured or suffered major vehicle damage during an accident, you might be entitled to a settlement more than the insurance company may be willing to offer. Contact a reputable Houston car accident lawyer to discuss the particulars of your case and see if you need legal counsel.



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