5 Reasons Why Plants Are The Best Gifts

Plants are one of the greatest wonders on Earth. It’s a universally known fact that they help us breathe. However, they contribute in a lot of ways that are often latent. With the passage of time, the need for plants have come into limelight but you might still wonder why are they so important. 

Well, the need of the hour are plants, for sure. With the depleting environment, it is important to add a touch of greenery to home and office space. Here, we enlist 5 reasons why they are a must-have for you and have become one of the most precious gifts of all times. Take the guide:

  • They Control Pollution

In 1989, NASA’s Clean Air Study in association with Associated Landscape Contractors Of America conducted research to find out the effect of plants. It was found out that plants curb harmful contaminants in air like formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, ammonia etc and thereby, help in air purification. The research was led by NASA’s Dr Wolverton who concluded that  87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released every 24 hours, by furnishings that can cause allergic and breathing problems caused in healthy working people known as Sick Building Syndrome. Some of the best indoor plants topping the list were The Florist’s Chrysanthemum and Peace Lily. 

  • They Promote Mental Wellbeing

According to research in  Kansas State University, plants boost mental health and speed up the recovery process of the patients, if kept in hospitals or the room of the patient. They regulate heart rate, blood pressure and curb anxiety and fatigue. They are also known to improve concentration and creativity. According to a study by the Agricultural University of Norway, sickness rates decreased by more than 60 percent in workspace with plants and increased attentiveness by 70%.

  • They Are Effective Noise Barriers

Research shows that plants curb background noise in buildings too. They absorb, diffract and reflect the noise through stems, leaves, branches and wood, making the area serene and comfortable for living. Groundcover and vines on walls are significantly effective in absorbing the noise. Rough bar and thick leaves are also very effective in controlling the noise pollution.

  • They Are Long Lasting

Plants are long lasting gifts. Unlike many perishable and short term gift ideas, plants are cherishable and will remind the recipient of your thoughtful gesture for a long time. Also, the sturdy beings can easily be opted for gift delivery in Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune or anywhere your dear ones reside and they won’t die midway and will always remain a reliable gift option. Despite their long life span, they don’t even go outdated or out of trend and will proudly deck up your home, come what may.

  • They Provide Companionship

Once you gift a plant, you provide a companion to your dear ones. With continuous care, quality of life improves and the person becomes more disciplined and responsible. According to Gwenn Fried, manager of Horticulture Therapy at NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation, “Any time someone takes ownership in something by doing it themselves, they exude pride in accomplishment,” says. “In my experience, anyone who plants something will then take better care of it and nurture it—being able to nurture is part of the human experience and brings joy.”

The greenery boosts health in many ways that we don’t even realize. So, give the gift of health to your dear ones with indoor plants and reward them with a lifetime of benefits.

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