7 Advantages of Using an Automatic Website Backup Solution

As a site owner, a backup is probably your final line of defence against hackers, security threats, or data loss due to an error. Most of us are aware of the advantages of having a comprehensive backup strategy. However, we also know that backups take time, and hence on most days, we tend to put off the backup task for later. Automation can help make the entire process convenient and ensure that you are never without a copy of an updated backup. There are many cloud-based website backup solutions available like CodeGuard that can help you automate the backup process in a hassle-free manner. Here are seven advantages of using an automatic backup solution.

  1. Convenience

Taking manual backups is time-consuming and hassling. An automatic website backup solution ensures that your site is backed up at a fixed or after a fixed time-interval regularly. It saves you from the risk of having an outdated backup in case you forget to manually run the backup process. Since most of these solutions store the backup on the cloud, you don’t need to worry about maintaining the physical drives where the backup is taken.

  1. Efficiency

By automating the backup process, you need not worry about selecting the files and ensuring that all the important data is backed up. All you need to do is, take a snapshot of your website, and create redundancy for your site.

  1. Disaster Recovery in no time

The primary use of a backup is to help recover data and get the website up and running without any downtime. If you have the latest copy of your website available on the cloud, you can recover from any disaster in no time.

  1. Protection against data loss

When we think about data loss, we usually consider security threats as the only reasons behind losing data. However, there can be an accidental deletion of data or issues while uploading or syncing that can lead to data loss. An automatic backup ensures that you always have a safety net for your data in place, protecting you against data loss due to any reason.

  1. Secured backup

Most automatic backup solutions like CodeGuard use a cloud server to store the backed-up files. They also use advanced encryption, like 256-bit AES encryption, to ensure that the data is highly secure. While you can deploy the same measures while taking manual backups, it usually involves more time and (at times) investment. Hence, automatic backups offer more security to the backed-up files.

  1. More reliable

Since automatic backup solutions don’t store the backed-up files on the same server or network as the website, the chances of the backup getting corrupted during a cyber-attack are minimal. This makes it a reliable option for creating backups.

  1. Saves time & manpower

Even if you have an internal IT team that can manage backups of your website, automating the process ensures that you can utilize them for other tasks. This saves time and unnecessary manpower costs.

Summing Up

Automatic website backup solutions like CodeGuard are trusted by thousands of site owners to create a safety net to protect them against any disasters. Look for a solution that takes comprehensive website backups, offers an easy restoration process, close to 100% reliability, change alerts, etc. Remember, a backup is your last hope of restoring your site in the event of any disaster – choose wisely.

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