A Day Tour of Chennai

I went to Chennai with my colleagues for work purposes. Knowing how difficult corporate life can be, I was still excited about the Chennai trip because we had one day where we could roam around the city before our flight took us back home.

Chennai, located in the southern part of India, was the last place where I expected to have one of the most fantastic time of my life. However, my life had different plans for me. Starting with amazing beaches, delicious delicacies, wondering sightseeing places, to engaging nightlife, Chennai provided me with everything I could ever ask. Now, whenever I think of Chennai, it brings back a train full of memories.

An afternoon with my colleagues

For my colleagues and I, we got a tempo traveler for rent in Chennai to roam around the city. We booked it for half a day as others were already exhausted after work. We booked a 12 seated traveler, and it coasted us only 1700 rupees. The tempo was air-conditioned, which made our journey comfortable, even in the hot summer air. The traveler also had a fantastic music system where we played some fantastic songs on our trip. We almost pulled off a “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” act. We went to Sri Parthasarathi Temple, Marina Beach, Valluvar Kottam, and the Government Museum.

My search for food

After we can back to our hotel, the Columbus inside me was not satisfied. So, in the evening, I booked a cab in Chennai for local sightseeing. The cab charged me only 600 rupees. I wanted to try out all the famous and authentic food of Chennai, and I wanted someone who could take me to good restaurants. When I told this to the cab rental company, they sent me a driver who was also a guide. He knew all the top restaurants where I could try some fantastic food. Some of the authentic South Indian food that I tried were Masala dosa, Adai, Thayir Vadai, Idli, and Fish Curry. After that, I went to The Music Academy. It showcases performances and live events, which include seminars, dance, and music. After that, I also visited some famous shopping malls. After all, I had to get something for my family as well. I went to four shopping malls, the Phoenix Market City, Spencer Plaza, Chennai City Center, and Express Avenue.

The Open Air Theater In Chennai

I have never been to an open-air theater. So, when I heard that there was an OAT on the campus of IIT Madras, and it was open to all, I could not resist myself. They host theatrical performances, live musicals, and screen movies. Going, there was nothing less than a magical experience. Every one of us sat and watched the film together. The last film starts at 9 PM. Watching a movie under the clear sky made me feel like I went back to the 70s.

The night-life of Chennai

The bars in Chennai close at midnight, so I had plenty of time. I went to Le Waterina in Chennai. They charged for the entry as I went as a stag. They also had a dress code for men, like formal shoes, and no casual t-shirts. I was lucky that I was wearing everything that they allowed. It is regarded as one of the most exciting bars in Chennai. They had locally made whiskey, wine, and beer. Apart from that, there are also other beverage options like Chauk, Sunday Kanji, and Arrack, which are very famous here. Since it was summertime, I had the local beer. It was quite delicious and made me feel a bit tipsy after two bottles only. They played the trendy English and Hindi pop-songs, which made the environment quite energetic. The price of alcohol and the food was standard. It was, overall, an excellent bar. There are many bars in Chennai which are open 24-hours and host some of the most amazing after-hours events.

I am going to revisit Chennai so that I can explore all of its hidden secrets. From outside, Chennai is not a happening place. However, I am glad that my work took me to this place where I came across some amazing people, culture, food, fashion, and more. Chennai is not like any of the other states of India with picture-perfect sceneries, but in its not-so-perfect-self, one can find solace.

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