GHK-CU Peptide: Feel Young

Human system is equipped with many compounds to protect it. We can see the effects of these during the growth years when these naturally forming things help in growing and healing. After that aging happens to all of us and these naturally formed blessings starts to wane away bringing forth the visible effects aging. One of such naturally occurred thing is copper peptide or GHK-CU peptide which was first found in human plasma. This peptide was also found to be present in different other parts of the body like the urine and the saliva. Evidences suggest that these naturally occurring small peptides with high affinity to copper ions are critical to usually bodily functions. Clinical studies were carried out and the results show that GHK-cu has beneficial roles to play in the human body like blood vessel growth promotion, Glycosaminoglycan synthesis, collagen stimulation, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and wound healing. GHK-cu is offered in forms like subcutaneous injection, transdermal or topical foam for scalp and also transdermal facial cream.

Tissue regeneration

This copper peptide acts as a signal for the tissue injury. This is considered as an effective protector of issues as it can reduce oxidative damage working as an anti-inflammatory agent. It also signals for tissue remodeling. The process involves removing the scarred or damaged tissues and generating new and healthy ones. The concentration of GHK-cu reduces with age and this becomes a cause of tissue inflammation, destruction and even cancer. 

In the beauty industry

When it comes to the beauty trends, copper peptide is one of the most famous trends. This peptide is capable of producing elastin and collagen, two potent naturally occurring connective tissues in human system responsible for firm and younger skin. Not only skin but hair also gets benefits from this one peptide. This helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp stimulating hair follicles. This stimulation helps in hair follicles to get more oxygen and nutrients causing new hair production. Copper also happens to be one of those micronutrients which are responsible for producing melanin, a compound necessary for hair color. 

Copper peptide and skin

Copper peptides are known to produce collagen and reduce the appearances of wrinkles and lines. Using copper peptides will ultimately result in collagen plumping up the skin. Along with that it is also responsible for elastin production which will help to get smoother skin. When it comes to peptides for skin, copper peptides are different from the other peptides. These peptides are effective in repairing skin and making skin tone even. 

Copper peptides can be used in different form like cleanser, toner, serum, sunscreen and even moisturizing lotion. When choosing a facial moisturizer with peptides, it is better to choose depending on the type of skin. While lotion is better for oily skin, creams work well on dry skin. Proper application of these products will bring the chance to your skin. 

It is always better to use a product only after doing a patch test. Talk to your dermatologist about your skin conditions and use of peptides if you need any guidance. 

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