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How To Update Your Bedroom on a Budget

The bedroom is often an area of the house where style gets ignored. Maybe it is because most guests don’t see it, or maybe because bedrooms can easily become dump zones for items that don’t have a place. The good news is bedrooms are easy to update on a budget. If you are sick of your boring bedroom and want to freshen it up, follow these tips.


Painting a room is an easy way to give it a clean new look. This is why people selling their homes usually give rooms a fresh coat of paint. It is effective and inexpensive. If you have experience, then painting it yourself may be an option. If not, you can hire out house interior painting Hampstead NC.

Before you choose a color, do your research. Get sample cards from a paint store and tape them onto your bedroom wall. See how the colors look during different times of the day in different lights. You can also search Pinterest for certain paint colors to see what the whole room would look like.


Lighting is important in any room, especially a bedroom. A bedroom needs to be bright in the morning when you are getting ready for the day. At night, it should be soft and soothing to get ready for sleep or romance. Overhead lights can be harsh, so experiment with different lightbulbs. Maybe you don’t need overhead lights and you would rather have a simple ceiling fan. Either way, add lamps to the bedroom so that you have different options.


The bed is the natural focal point for a bedroom, so bedding should reflect your taste. The fun part is you can change it often. In the Spring, opt for florals and light colors. In the Winter, use warmer materials and layer blankets on the bed. Be daring with pillows and textures. Explore different patterns. Just be sure the bedding does not clash with window drapes. Neutral drapes allow you to be more adventurous with bedding.

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