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Inspirational Bedroom Décor Refurbishing Ideas

The bedroom environment has to be appealing because people spend 1/3rd of their lives sleeping here. The bedroom has to be full of energy to keep your mind relaxed and your body to recover. It is a place that defines you. It is your haven of tranquility, where you zone out or curl up or relax and spend some ‘Me-time’. If you are planning to give your bedroom a new look then here are some inspirational ideas to offer your sleeping haven a facelift.

Inspirational bedroom décor refurbishing ideas

Rearrange the furniture

Move the room furnishings around like the bed direction, table, artwork, etc. to offer the room a new, fresh look. You get a refurbished bedroom at no cost.

Change the entrance

Wooden framed bi-fold doors can offer your bedroom a rustic ambiance. The see-through panels can be great for allowing daylight inside. If the space allows, you can even isolate the walk-in wardrobe from the sleeping zone with a bi-fold door including a fusion of frosted glass panels. 

You can even make the bedroom door look decorative. Paint the sides of the door in dull pink shade and the square door profiles in grey. It creates a glam look!

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Shake the monochromatic color

It is time to change the room color because now you find it boring and visually cluttering. Shake away the monochromatic color by adding different blue and green shades. The palette is more soothing!

Add a featured wall 

The room is decorated in a single color and creates a sense of cohesion and unity but now you feel underwhelmed. Change one wall and offer it a bold textured look. A featured wall will give the space a decorative focal point. It reinvigorates the bedroom style without the need for spending on the entire room redecoration. 

Go, Royal!

The bedroom environment has to be luxurious, so incorporate some luxury items. Use plush throws and bed linens to depict style and luxury. Pair these with deep-colored walls and elaborate curtains to create a sophisticated modern environment. Introduce a little drama with spotlights and recessed lighting. Thus adds dimension and mood to the space. Keep other elements minimal and simple to get a royal and plush look without spending much. 

Consider symmetrical interiors

The brain unconsciously adores symmetry, so you can attain it using patterns, furniture & fixture arrangement, and colors. The bed is the natural focal point in your bedroom, so build symmetry around it. Place matching nightstands on both sides. 

Choose two posters from the same collection above the bed or the nightstands. You can even use two mirrors and go bolder. Place matching vases, sculptures, or lamps on bedside tables. The objects need to be repeated on both sides of the room. Add matching pillow pairs to the other white-colored pillows. 

Add a chandelier

The chandelier floating overhead gives a romantic and elegant feel to the bedroom. If your bedroom is small then choose a chandelette or mini-chandelier. A single chandelier over the bed creates a focal point but ensure to have it hung at a proper height to avoid hitting your head. You can choose two chandeliers to be hung over the nightstands on both sides of the bed. Ensure to choose the right chandelier size!

Design bedroom vanity area

If your makeup table faces the window then replace the small mirror with a folding one. Add a three-panel mirror that has a stand, so no need to feel concerned about securing it. If there is no desk set a floating desk near the window for applying makeup. It will even double as a desk. If the room has a deep corner to accommodate drawers then add a long mirror over a floating desk with drawers to create a bedroom vanity corner. 

Think about the floor

Add or change the rug. You can get creative and play with patterns. Everyone desires to wake up and walk on something soft. Add a striking vintage kilim or thick shag near the bed. Rugs give a room a feel of unity, so never hesitate to layer a few and give the space a relaxed and cohesive touch. 


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