Lettuce from the binomial name, Lactuca sativa, is an annual leafy vegetable and also sometimes for its seed and stems, from the daisy family. Since lettuce is a leafy vegetable that is also grown for its leaf, stem and seed contain high moisture content and also vary from each other as there are so many types of lettuce. Lettuce is usually raised from the nursery pots which would be later transferred to the field for proper planting and monitoring of the growth. Lettuce has many benefits and added advantages to the human body, the immediate environment, and society at large.

The proper planting and raising of lettuce are done in nursery pots, and the lettuce itself has a lot of health benefits, and some other added advantages. The benefits and advantages are listed below.

  •       Lettuce produces vitamin K which serves as a means of building the bones and strengthening them, raw lettuce is composed of over 95% of water which hydrate the body (Hydration is the process of replacing water in the body).
  •       A combination of the extracts of various lettuce has been tested and seen to also help to promote and aid sleep. There are a lot of individuals that lack enough sleep when the extracts are administered as a drug such individuals will get enough sleep, which means that the lettuce also serves as a drug.
  •       The romaine lettuce has a high level of potassium which can help maintain and develop cardiovascular health, also the presence of the antioxidant Vitamin A and C helps to prevent cholesterol and plaque forming in the artery which will block the free flow of blood and later lead into heart problems and challenges.
  •       The presence of vitamin A helps in increasing vision and sight, which means it helps the eyes to see clearly and also helps to reduce the dross and other harmful materials that might dim the sight and the vision of the eyes.

The preparing stage of the planting of lettuce is through the nursery pots and passing through the stage is important so that the seeds and seedlings will not be wasted due to improper planting or lack of study about the plant itself. The plants are planted, reared, cultivated so that they will not move into extinction and also serve as a great source of benefit to human health, the immediate environment, making nature closer to humans, and beautifying the human habitat. It is advisable that humans should consume lettuce as it helps in the body’s growth and development generally.

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