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Many of the biggest online operators have been seeing a huge surge of numbers of the past few years and this past year in particular as a growing number of people turn to online gaming as their primary form of entertainment, and with thousands of different games on offer with a huge number of different themes there’s plenty to choose from too. But which are the most popular big genres at online casinos like these which have been growing with no verification services and some of the best consumer friendly options?

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Poker – Having been immortalized in popular media time and time again, Poker is certainly a fan favourite and a game genre that many players were wish they were better at. With a growing number of games dedicated to delivering an exciting online Poker experience and a big push for newer features in augmented and virtual reality, Poker as a whole looks to continue delivering a casino experience at home. With many social features and the competitive side that Poker brings, it’s no surprise that it tops out the list as one of the most popular games for online casinos, but also as one of the most popular games in general too. 

Slots remain at the top too – Both in the online and offline space, slots have always attracted the biggest player numbers, as a game type that’s very easy to understand and with no learning curve, it allows all players regardless of experience to jump in and start on the same footing and leave on the same footing too. The variations have helped out a lot too, the growth of alternatives like video slots have brought a new feel to something that had been tired for many, and kept options going for excitement in one of online casinos most popular titles – although change could be on the way leading to adjustments for many online services.

Games of chance are up there – Unsurprisingly the growing number of games of chance top the list for online casinos too – whilst the traditional games in craps and roulette are amongst the favourites, others like online bingo have been thriving with increasing numbers just as quickly too. For the same reasons as slots, there’s no skill involved and simply relying on luck is all it takes making the titles much more approachable, and much more popular amongst the growing audience that may only be finding their first experience with these games. 

These are just a few of the many games, with others following closely too – as online services go through a number of changes, the favourites often change too, but these few typically top out the list as they’re able to cater to all audiences.

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