Things To Do While You Are On A Holiday Trip To Phuket

Phuket is one of the largest as well as the remarkable Islands of Asia that comes under Thailand. If you are planning to book Thailand Tour Package then it would be great for you to visit Phuket as well. It is for sure that you would not regret your visit to this place. Here are some of the top things to do while you are on a holiday to Phuket:

A visit to Kata Noi beach would be great:

As we already know that Phuket is one of the top-most Islands of Thailand so you would be able to enjoy beaches here. If you are browsing through different Phuket Tour Packages then find a package that would include a visit to Kata Noi Beach. Don’t judge the place by the area as this place is capable of providing you with some of the best scenic beauties.

You can enjoy run at Chalong Bay Rum Distillery:

If your love for rum is real then this is one of the best things to do while you are in Thailand. Even if your Thailand Tour Package doesn’t include this place then also you should make time to visit this place. Here you would not only be able to taste some amazing rum varieties but you would also be able to enjoy the ambiance.

The big Buddha has to be the best place to visit in Phuket:

This place is one of the most remarkable landmarks of Phuket so if you are planning a visit to Thailand and if you are getting one Thailand Tour Package then make sure to cover this place as well. The huge Buddha statue to which is white in color has to be the best thing that you would witness. You can also hang out a bit under the statue and enjoy the sound of bells.

The view of Kron Valley would, of course, soothe your mind:

If you are a nature lover then this place would surely amaze you. This place has some of the most beautiful nature views that you can capture in your camera. It would be great if you would find the package of this place while browsing through the best Phuket Tour Packages. You can also enjoy staring at the sea from the top of this place.

A visit to Wat Chalong would make sure to make your trip memorable:

If you have made your mind to book the best Thailand Tour Package then make sure that package covers Wat Chalong. This is one of the beautiful palaces that have amazing decorations. Here you would be able to see some of the amazing statues of Buddha and at the same time, the infrastructure of the houses would amaze you so you should not miss visiting this place.


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