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Tips on Hardwood Installation

Things related to hardwood installation play an important role in the process of installation. Who’s going to install it? How and where will it be installed? These are some of the prime points that must be taken into consideration as these things can affect your budget and timeline. The only key to a smooth installation is preparation and the below-mentioned tips will help you to do so:

The place where it’s to be installed

Before buying you must review all the specifications and instructions concerning the product carefully. There are a variety of hardwood products that are not recommended for bathroom or laundry room installation (Hydropel flooring being an exception). For example, if you are to install the hardwood in your basement or over a concrete slab, engineered hardwood would be better than solid hardwood.

Know what installation options are available

The method of installation varies from product to product. Recommended procedures for solid hardwood installation are nailing, stapling, or gluing. Engineered hardwood can often be floated, meaning the planks are connected instead of the subfloor.

Decide whether you’ll DIY or hire a professional

Installing an engineered hardwood floor by yourself is easy. However, it’s always better to seek professional help if your hardwood installation requires staples, nails, or glue. Contact your flooring retailer for a professional. When you hire a professional, your workload and chances of error get reduced.

Read the instructions carefully in advance

You must be well aware of your specific product instructions. The instructions may cover the supplies needed for your product installation, specifications regarding the installation of your flooring, or the procedure for the installation of your product.

Gather all your supplies

Requirements vary from product to product so you must read the instructions thoroughly and list out what materials or extra tools are required for the installation of your product.

Before you ahead to do it yourself, make sure you have disposed of your old flooring. Conduct the process step by step, without hurrying. Also make sure the subfloor is flat, clean, and dry. For any kind of assistance, reach out to flooring installaters near me

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