Type HB Hollo-Bolt

Type HB Hollo-Bolt is indeed a fastener for joining square, rectangle, or circular structural tube or standard steel to which only one side has access.

Conventional connection methods techniques such as drilling, welding, and tapping holes or unattractive strapping take longer to deploy than the Hollo-Bolt.

With certified safe operating weights and a 5:1 safety factor, the Hollo-Bolt provides the specifier with assurance and satisfaction.

The Hollo-Bolt features an HDG corrosion-resistant coating for tough situations, but it is also supplied in stainless steel.

Hollo-Bolt, the first structural steel enlargement bolt, is a speedier alternative to traditional SHS/HSS connection techniques like through-bolting or welding, allowing contractors to save time and money on construction.

The bigger sizes M16 and M20 (such as 5/8″ and 3/4″) are designed for structural connections and contain a unique High Clamping Power (HCF) mechanism that provides three times with the clamping force of a comparable product without any of the mechanism.

Lindapter Hollo-Bolt is a patented technique of fastening square, rectangle, or hollow circular steel, as well as traditional steelwork with just one side of access.

In comparison to previous techniques, Hollo-Bolt offers a significant decrease in installation costs and time, as well as providing the specifier with complete confidence via assured loads with a built-in safety factor.

Hollo-Bolt has received third-party approvals from UK’s Steel Construction Institute and Corus, as well as the Design Council’s Millennium Products status for innovations in attaching to hollow section.

The Original Structural Steel Expanding Bolt is suitable for hollow parts, tubes, and areas with access from just one side.

The ICC-ES has authorized the Hollo-Bolt to have a hexagonal head, HDG to withstand seismic and wind stresses in all current seismic classes (A to F).

Hollo-Bolt is available with extra JS500 corrosion resistance as standard or hot-dip galvanizing. The unique HCF – High Clamping Force mechanism in sizes M16 and M20 provides optimal clamping force. Installation is simple and quick using common tools.

Application of Hollo-Bolts

Hollo-Bolts are commonly used to connect and suspend the following items:

  1. Cladding
  2. Bridges
  3. Fire Protection Systems
  4. Staircases and Handrails
  5. Modular Buildings
  6. Tower and Masts
  7. Balconies
  8. Blast Walling
  9. Glazing and Roofs
  10. Lifting Equipment
  11. Wall Ties
  12. Electrical Equipment
  13. Primary and secondary Connections
  14. Material Handling Equipment
  15. HVAC Equipment
  16. Curtain Walling

Hollo-Bolt Material

The Hollo-Bolt has JS500 or HDG protection as standard for harsh settings. Sheraplex and SS are offered for more demanding settings.

Head Variations

There is a multitude of finishes and colours to choose from. Button Head Security, Flush-Fit, Hexagonal, Countersunk, Socket Head Cap Screw

Hollo-Bolt Installation 

  • Drill holes where they are needed. Fix the Hollo-Bolt to the steel by placing it in the correct position. The product should be inserted conical end first through the fixture and steel. Any wrong angle will lead to the bolt not being fixed properly. Therefore, it should always be kept in mind.
  • Using an open-ended wrench, grasp the Hollo-Bolt collar.
  • The Hollo-Bolt cone is dragged up into the body, spreading the legs of the product and securing the connection.

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