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Ways to Decorate a Pool

Above ground pools can be an adventure in your own back yard. Probably the most fun and challenging part of having your own pool is decorating it. If creativity isn’t your first skill then here are some creative ideas for making your swimming pools Pittsburgh PA that much more festive!

Get Some Plants

Potted plants around your pool can give it a natural decor to match the vibe of your back yard. Even planting trees for a more long term, natural setting is an option to compliment your pool.

Lighten Up the Mood

A cool way to keep things light in your back yard is to add tiki torches or various lamp designs around your pool. This can set a nice intimate tone if you want to go for a late-night swim either with someone else or by yourself. You can even set a theme with the kind of lights you use. Maybe an island setting or an homage to a festival you’ve seen or gone to. Buying strings to suspend the lights are another option besides sticks. Stringed lights don’t have to be limited to the area surrounding your pool, giving more creative freedom.

Build a Theme

A more intricate option is to recreate a setting you like. If you were a farm kid, consider buying bales of straw to resemble a barn. Maybe if you grew up close to an ocean before moving inland you can paint and design an ode to the sea. Buying plush sharks and dolphins can definitely entertain your little ones when they decide to have fun in the pool.

Above ground pools offer a lot of opportunity for flexing your creativity in your own backyard. No one ever said home improvement had to be boring; so, take some time to bring to life your own homegrown adventures.

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