What is an Amusement Attendant?

Do you love amusement parks? It would be fun to work as an amusement park part-time.

An amusement attendant is responsible for safety inspection, maintenance and the operation of rides at attractions at theme parks. The job is popular either as a part-time or seasonal job.  Amusement attendants can work alone or together to interact with guests and operate a ride. They may also run booths in area such as managing small prizes and games to selling concessions.

What does an Amusement Attendant do?

The responsibilities of an amusement attendant vary depending on the type of booth, attraction or ride. Some attendants only have training to work in a single location, while others can work at all or several locations at the park.

Some common responsibilities of an amusement attendant are:
– Selling drinks and food to customers
– Handling money
– Selling and handing out coins or tickets
– Running game booths, including prize distribution and setup

– Cleaning grounds, booths, rides and equipment
– Answering any guest questions on times, prices and rules

– Directing guests to attractions when requested
– Admitting and monitoring visitors to rides, usually through collection of money or tickets
– Managing lines of attractions
– Informing riders about prohibited items, safety regulations and  any rules while on the ride
– Ensuring the safety of all riders and making certain they are observing park rules
– Providing and fastening riders with instructions for safety devices
and safety equipment

– Removing and dealing with unruly attraction goers and riders

– Keeping a record of sales and attendees
– Making notes of required maintenance
– Being ready for an emergency evacuation and ready to notify others
– Working collaboratively with other workers to sell at booths or operate rides
– Training new employees on park rides and operations

The attendants may also use the equipment and tools below:

  • Cash registers
  • First-aid supplies
  • Ticket punches
  • Sporting equipment
  • Telephones
  • Microphones and loud speakers

What is the workplace of an Amusement Attendant like?

Amusement attendants work at major theme parks around the country, such as Seaworld, Orlando Studios, Legoland, Disneyworld, Disneyland, and Six Flags. You also find them at recreational facilities such as water parks and ski resorts.

Attendants should endure long periods of time standing and will often have to interact with customers. The job has irregular hours with the attendants working most evenings and weekends.

Amusement park attendants may also be required to possess basic theme park maintenance skills. Since ensuring the safety of riders is part of their job description, it would be prudent if they knew what to do in the event of a malfunction. This is why they need industrial maintenance training to make them competent in theme park maintenance practices. Visit the website to know more about our institution

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