Boom Lift Hire Considerations & Types of Lifts

Boom lifts are large construction machines with an aerial platform attached to a truck and supported by an extension. Boom lifts are used to lift building materials or employees during the construction of a structure.

Before you turn to boom lift hire, all contractors should have a better awareness of boom lifts, their types, and what to consider. There are many different varieties of boom lifts for various jobs, so familiarity with these construction machineries is advantageous.

Large construction projects necessitate managing the site’s many needs, as well as selecting appropriate machinery for optimal operation. This article will look at a few things about boom lifts, as listed below:

  1. How to choose a boom lift
  2. Types of boom lifts

Keep reading to learn more before you organise boom lift hire.

How to Choose a Boom Lift

When it comes to selecting the correct boom lift for your job, you have a few options to consider before hiring your boom lift. Here are some options to think about:

 Space Recommendations

As a contractor, you must examine the area in which your boom lift will operate. Aerial lifts may be required at several job sites. Before arranging boom lift hire, you should think about how narrow or wide your worksite is.

Weight Capacity

When hiring a boom lift, be sure it has enough space for the number of personnel who will be using it and the quantity of load it will carry. This prevents overcrowding on the aerial platform while also making work more convenient and comfortable.

 Movement Type Needed

The majority of aerial lifts move vertically or both vertically and horizontally, and they can be single-mast or multiple-mast. The type of lift you will require will mostly be determined by the movement at your job.

 Job Site Condition

The type of boom lift you need will depend on the conditions on the job site. Your job site’s terrain could be steep and difficult, soft and moist, or even hard, dry land. Because tyres are so vital on any vehicle, the conditions of your job site will decide the lift you require.

 Power Source

There are various types of lifts. Some are powered by diesel, but others are powered by electric motors that produce no pollutants and are quieter. When working outside, diesel-powered motors are appropriate, but when working indoors, electric motors are preferable. Dual-fuel motors are also available for boom lift hire if you need added versatility.

 Types of Boom Lifts

 Articulating Boom Lifts

Aerial platforms with a bendable jointed arm attached to a turntable are known as articulating boom lifts. To give maximum elevation in a compact indoor area, the boom lift is mounted on four wheels. They’re used for things like electrical and piping repairs, as well as exterior cleaning and maintenance.

 Telescopic Boom Lifts

An extendable arm on the telescopic boom lift allows it to reach different heights. The telescopic boom lift, unlike the articulating boom lift, has a straight arm that is freely attached to a rotating turntable. It’s used for specialised labour like electrical repairs or tree trimming, where only one person can fit on the elevated platform and carry out the task.

 Cherry Pickers

Wheeled vehicles with an aerial platform coupled to a hydraulic crane are known as cherry pickers. Workers primarily use cherry pickers to gain access to trees and power lines. Maintenance, remodelling, and the installation of systems, lights and warehouse racks are all done with cherry lifters.

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