Learn How to Craft an Easy Flower Crown

From concerts to weddings, flower crowns are a ravishing botanical pattern we’re seeing all over the place. What’s more, the most amazing aspect? These boho-stylish extras are too simple to make yourself. All you require are a couple of fundamental supplies and a small bunch of Deco Dried Flowers. Cameron Hardesty, overseer of items for the flower conveyance startup, Urban Stems, shares seven simple strides to creating a delightful crown of posies for your next large occasion or evening to remember.

Materials Needed

  • botanical wire
  • botanical tape

Make Wire Crown

Curve two bits of wire into a crescent with a slight opening at the back. Stack the wires on top of one another and tape together at the two finishes.

Plan Flowers

Select a blend of highlight flowers (like roses or dahlias), filler flowers (like wax flower or espresso berry) and greenery. Eliminate all additional foliage beneath the bud and cut, leaving around 2 creeps of stem. It is always a good idea to Buy Dried Flowers Online.

Make Small Clusters of Flowers

Amass four to five little boutonnieres by restricting a bunch of three or four flowers together at the stems with botanical tape. Leave an additional length of tape to be joined to the wire.

Join Clusters to Crown

Hold the crown with the wire closes confronting you; this is the six-o’clock position. Addition the principal boutonniere with one wire above and one underneath at the decent o’clock position. Blossoms ought to look out at a slight point. Secure to the wire structure with an additional length of flower tape.


Spot the following boutonniere with the goal that the flowers cover the tape and stems of the main arrangement. Tie set up with botanical tape and rehash with residual boutonnieres until the wire structure is filled to the three-o’clock position.

Add Finishing Touches

Assess for completion. Add a little greenery if important to cover any tape. Whenever wanted, append greenery as well as filler flowers along the excess uncovered length of wire on the two sides.

Make Fastener

Curve the wire closes back in on themselves to frame two circles. Spool two separate lengths of strip through each circle. Use lace to tie a bow in the back that is movable for various head sizes.

Everyone loves fine DIY crafts and this brightly colored crown is perfect for a bridal shower event! Flower crowns are everywhere nowadays and they are a really fun way to wear any outfit. Whether it’s a Lana Del Ray concert, pastel bridesmaid dresses for a wedding, or even a bachelorette party, this tutorial is sure to help you design your own unique floral hat. One of our favorite visions lately is wedding hair in flowers! Rather than Google “where to buy flower crowns,” try our simple guide and get some unique flower crown ideas! This easy-to-follow tutorial explains how to make your cut flower in 9 easy steps and how to prepare each crown for a specific occasion.

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