Why some card games are popular while others are not?

There are so many card games in the world but only few are truly popular. The popular games are the ones that have been passed down through generations. These are also the games that have first made their entry into the online world. So, what exactly distinguishes popular card games from regular card games? Let us read to know:

Ease of Understanding

To attract more people to the game, it should be easy to understand and comprehend. A game with too many rules and stages may take time to understand. That is why most of the popular card games such as Indian rummy run on fixed rules and strategies. Most people find it easy to understand and play these games. The games are also relatively easy to teach.

Amount of Flexibility

Games with redundant rules are never popular. For example, games like Bridge in card games always require four players. This means that if there are players in numbers that are not multiples of four, someone will have to wait aside. This can be annoying to guests you invite for a cards party. That is why Indian Rummy is more popular as an entertaining card game. The games’ rules can be altered to match the number of players playing the game.

What the Game Has to Offer?

People also see what the game offers a person in the long run. That is why games that are addictive or habit forming are usually not popular among social circles. This is because the society always wants positive change and selects things that assure improvement in oneself. So, what exactly do popular card games have to offer? Here is what we think:


People want time to pass easily while they play card games. They do not wish to strain their brain on each move or calculate throughout the game. This is why games like Mindi Cot, though extremely challenging, are not often chosen as a means of passing time. Rummy, on the other hand, can be played easy between friends, family or even strangers. The rules are simple to understand and there are so many variations that the player always gets to choose what he likes best.

Learning Experience

People enjoy when the game teaches you something new and unique. Rummy card gameshave lot to offer in this direction. The game teaches you to arrange cards in a proper sequence. It also teaches you to juggle between multiple sequence options. It also helps you understand how to make the best use of jokers and bonuses. Certain financial habits like managing the money rightly and quitting when you know you can’t commit are also learnt through this game. When to pass and when to play is a very tricky decision that most rummy players have to make at some point or the other.

Understanding Indian Rummy in a Jiffy

So, now that we have understood exactly why rummy is so popular, let us glimpse over the rules that govern this game:

  • In a standard 13 cards rummy game, a player needs to make one natural sequence and one real/natural sequence. These two are together termed as life.
  • Apart from these, the player needs to make two more sets or sequences.
  • Jokers maybe used to replace the cards in a sequence or a set.
  • A person may quit at the beginning of the game where he will be charged a nominal 25 points for leaving.
  • A player may also leave half way through the game and the points charged in this case will be 50 points.

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