4 Facts You Should Know About Dark Spot Patches

By now, you may have already seen, heard, and even used an acne patch. Ever since the world of K-beauty introduced these to Western culture, many companies have created their brand of pimple patches with hydrocolloid properties.

Moreover, while these magical stickers work wonders to subdue active pimples, they do not do much for the later hyperpigmentation. And this has paved the way to a new wave of dark spot treatment: the HYPERFADE Micro Dart Patch.

In this feature, you will find a quick crash course on everything there is to know about dark spot patches!

What are Dark Spot Patches?

In simple terms, dark spot patches are treatments that help clear up the hyperpigmentation after the pimple has reduced. Keep in mind that the ingredients of dark spot patches are much different from active patches. Therefore, make sure to use these only as a post-acne scar treatment.

What are The Ingredients in Dark Spot Patches?

The most common ingredients in dark spot patches are niacinamide, hydroxyl acids, vitamin C, and antioxidants. These are also common in other dark spot treatments like serums, correctors, etc.

These ingredients work by combining their properties and blocking the secretion of any abnormal pigmentation in the skin. In addition to this, it can also help reduce the inflammation present in that area and brightens the skin tone.

How do you Use a Dark Spot Patch?

Similar to acne patches, dark spot patches also come as nearly invisible stickers. However, unlike acne spots where you apply a patch on an active pimple, a dark spot patch is applied after the pimple has subdued.

By popping a dark spot patch on your face, the chemical ingredients on the patch seep into the skin’s pores and released high amounts of brighteners directly into the problem area.

For better results, try combining a dark spot patch without your favourite brightening serum, especially if your scars are extremely coloured and obvious.

For instance, if you have a nasty spot right on your nose that does not want to leave, even after the pimple has died, try steering clear of skin exfoliators as these are extremely harsh on the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

This way, you can effectively reduce the mark without dealing with a bad flare-up!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Dark Spot Patches?

The benefits of using dark spot patches are endless. This is because anyone who has dealt with acne breakout knows the struggle of covering up the post-acne scars.

Moreover, acne scars take a long time to fade. In this case, using a dark spot patch like the HYPERFADE Micro Dart Patch can be highly beneficial.

  • These dark spot patches are stacked 24 different layers of micro darts that can dissolve on their own. Once the layers start to break down, the ingredients start to release their regenerative properties that brighten the skin.
  • These stickers heal the pimple from the inside out once it subdues. In the process, it also helps to even out the skin tone and bring the skin back to its full glory.
  • Each box of HYPERFADE patches comes as a set of 12.

While dark spot patches are a comparatively new product, they are slowly on their way to become a hit in the market. Because for every pimple you get, there is also a nasty dark spot that follows.

So, the next time you get a pimple, get yourself an acne corrector and follow that up with an HYPERFADE Micro Dart Patch, and voila!

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