4 Things to Know About Buying & Using Hazardous Cable Glands

Safety is a top priority in every workplace, especially in hazardous environments. Risks of accidents and life-threatening injuries can happen in these types of work settings. Hence, one way to ensure safety is through the use of equipment, such as explosion-proof/armoured cable glands. They find wide usage in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and mining, where the potential for explosions and fires is high.

Such explosion-proof cable glands were designed for dangerous and explosive atmospheres. It helps to prevent ignition and protect against explosions. Understanding how you can purchase and use these types of equipment can ensure long-term safety and security against hazardous explosions in such an intensive industry environment. Here are a few things you need to know when buying and using explosion-proof/hazardous area cable glands:

Know the Proper Installation

Proper installation and maintenance of hazardous/explosion-proof cable glands are crucial to ensure their proper functioning. Along the way, it helps you be more conscious and aware that you are using the right cable gland for the operation. Additionally, you want to ensure that the gland is properly tight during the installation process. When you successfully install them, you may want to have designated personnel inspect cable glands for any signs of wearing and tearing.

Inspect The Cables’ Durability

Not all cables from explosion proof cable glands are suitable for use in a hazardous environment. Thus, it is essential in the purchasing process to select the correct type of cable that will be compatible with the cable gland you have chosen. It is also worth knowing if the cable part can endure the same hazardous conditions as the gland.

Check for the Certification

Another tip to keep in mind before purchasing and installing explosion-proof and hazardous cable glands is to look for their certification. It is critical to check that the product is certified by a reputable organisation before you buy them. For example, you want to look for ATEX certified cable glands. Certification means approval that the product is within the industry standard. It also lets you secure your purchase that the gland has been tested and approved for use in hazardous environments.

Invest in Staff Training & Education

To ensure that explosion-proof and hazardous cable glands are used and maintained correctly, it is also vital to provide training and education to employees, especially the ones who will be working with them. It includes educating them on the proper installation, maintenance, and inspection of the glands.

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