5 Gift Ideas for Gun Enthusiasts

If you’re not a sportsman yourself, it can be hard picking out a present for a spouse or family member who is. The most obvious gift may feel like “a new gun,” but there are more practical (and cheaper) options available that will hit the bulls-eye.

Performance Upgrades

It helps to know what kind of gun your loved one has before buying pistol accessories so you can ensure they’ll be useful. But if you want to really wow them, surreptitiously find out if they’re eyeing a new pyramid trigger or another accessory to help their gun’s performance

Safety Upgrades

If they have a trigger lock or gun safe, find out how old they are and if your loved one is happy with them. If not, you can help them “glow up” their gun safety, as many newer models of locks and safes grant easy access with fingerprint identification.


Some people like the sleek and professional aesthetic of standard firearms. But others find it impersonal and boring. Several companies offer customizable “gun skins” and grips that let sportsmen express their individuality.


On platforms like Etsy, artists offer a wide range of gun-related merchandise. You can go traditional with customized shirts, caps and bumper stickers, or you can get classy with customized drink tumblers and belt buckles. If you can dream it, there’s someone who can make it. 


If your loved one has been wearing the same holster on the range for the past two decades, it might be time for a replacement. If you want to get a concealed holster, check your local concealed-carry laws as well as make sure your loved one has the appropriate gun permit to make it practical—and legal. 

For further ideas, you can contact your loved one’s favorite gun store. They may be able to point you in the right direction.

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