5 Shopping Tips For Finding The Ideal Engagement Ring

With the engagement season around the corner in New Zealand, many couples will be thinking about popping the question. According to statistics, 46 per cent of Kiwi women don’t want their partners to ask permission from their fathers before marrying them. After all, the women are moving with the times. So, if you are planning to do something special for your significant other, you must purchase an engagement ring. In NZ, engagement rings can be found in many online stores. Apart from being convenient for you, you will be able to customise them. Finding the ideal ring can be a daunting task, especially when you want your proposal day to be memorable. So, with the help of the following shopping tips, you will certainly find a great ring.

  1. Narrow down the shape of the diamond: In terms of diamond shape, if you know what your significant other is fond of, you can start your hunt for rings with that specific shape immediately. Well, out of all the diamond shapes, round-cut diamonds are more popular among brides. Generally, round brilliant cut diamonds work well with solitaires and in two and three-stone settings. It gives a ring more of a retro look. Another widely popular shape is the princess cut diamond. This shape is versatile and is a prime choice for any ring style. The cushion-cut diamond is exquisite and is often compared to a pillow due to its square-cut combination with rounded corners. Although they have a less intense sparkle than the round-cut diamonds, they look perfect in modern settings. You can also opt for the oval-shaped diamonds, which is an elongated version of the round diamond. The oblong shape of the diamond can lengthen the finger. Another classy diamond shape is the pear cut diamond. The pear cut is also called teardrop diamond. This style dates back to the 1400s and is a perfect choice for those who prefer vintage settings. They work best in the bezel and half-V settings. You can also opt for heart-shaped diamonds. After all, they are great for the hopeless romantics since they are an eternal symbol of love. Heart-shaped diamonds look fantastic on a simple band and in an elaborate setting. Well, every diamond shape is priced differently. For a better price, you can hand-pick a diamond shape with more carats.
  2. Choose a metal for the band: Generally, rings are made from white gold, silver, platinum and yellow gold. In recent times, rose gold has emerged as a popular modern alternative. Although platinum appears to be similar to silver, it has a great density. Additionally, it is rarer and significantly more expensive. Before deciding the metal, you can consider your budget and the number of stones you want to set in a band.
  3. Buy certified diamonds: When it comes to engagement rings, make sure you take your time to shop smartly. Also, you must make sure you buy a certified stone from an accredited laboratory. If you purchase certified diamonds, you can ensure that they will be of high quality.
  4. Get measured correctly: Before purchasing a ring, make sure you know the measurement of your significant other’s ring finger. After all, the ring must be a perfect fit since you don’t want it to fall off or cut off circulation.
  5. The engagement ring must match the wedding band: You might obviously consider purchasing a wedding band with your beloved for your wedding after the engagement. So, you must ensure that it will complement your significant other’s band immensely.

In NZ, engagement rings with a coloured gemstone such as sapphire are preferred among 40 per cent of Kiwi women, whereas 59 per cent want a classic diamond ring. The survey also states that 1 per cent of women want a plain band as an engagement ring. So, you can purchase according to the preference of your loved one and make your proposal day brilliant.

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