5 Things You Should Always Tell Your Doctor About

Your doctor isn’t just there to talk about paperwork and ask you uncomfortable questions — they want to help you. Some symptoms and health conditions are too important not to tell your doctor as long as you feel comfortable working with them. Here are five things you should always mention to your doctor.

Suicidal Thoughts

If you’ve ever thought about or considered taking your own life, your doctor is one of the best resources available to help you. They can refer you to a psychologist or counselor, and there’s a stronger chance your referral will be covered by your insurance if it goes through your primary doctor. Along with this, they may be able to offer some emotional support and reassurance.

Possible Pregnancy

Many parts of your body are affected by a pregnancy, as are certain medications and procedures. If there’s a chance at all that you might be pregnant, you should tell your doctor as soon as possible. If you haven’t tested yet, your doctor can easily administer a pregnancy test and get you an answer within a few minutes. If there’s any discrepancy in your results, they can give you a much more accurate blood test to confirm.

Chest Pain or Discomfort

If you’re experiencing chest pain or tightness, heart palpitations, a racing or unusual heart rate, difficulty breathing or any other symptoms in your chest, tell your doctor immediately. Many of these are signs of serious heart conditions like cardiac arrest and atrial fibrillation, and the earlier you can get treated, the better.


Discussing abuse can be terrifying and difficult, but your doctor may be able to help. They can treat any injuries or illnesses you’ve contracted, help you take steps toward getting out of the situation and potentially provide you with evidence to use against your abuser in court.

New or Worsening Pain

Pain isn’t always serious, but you should seek pain management St Augustine FL if your pain is new, unusual or especially severe. Depending on where it’s occurring in your body, it could be caused by any number of underlying conditions. Whatever the case may be, getting treated sooner can reduce your risk of injury and illness.

Working with your doctor is one of the best ways to handle difficult health conditions. Don’t feel obligated to tell your doctor anything if you don’t feel comfortable with them, and remember that it’s okay to get a second opinion.

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