5 tips to find the best banking app for your personal banking needs

The introduction of a mobile banking service has helped one carry out financial transactions from anywhere and at any time. A banking app is so designed to offer high-quality banking services like tracking account balances, easy payment options, managing money, and receiving notifications when you want them.

Moreover, a bank mobile application also ensures high security of customer information using encryption devices when making payments or receiving funds.

With innumerable banking apps in the market, how would you find out the best app that helps meet your personal banking needs? Here are some useful tips to help you.

  1. Quick money transfers

The best mobile banking app facilitates easy money transfers through United Payment Interface or UPI method, which has become increasingly popular today. The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app, with UPI integration, enables you to make payments by linking your different bank accounts or requesting funds from someone having a UPI ID.

It also assists you in transferring funds via NEFT, IMPS, or RTGS by adding a beneficiary, and they are quick, safe, and secure. IDFC FIRST Bank doesn’t charge any transaction fees for money transfers.

  1. Manage your finances

Most successful people set their financial goals and achieve them. Managing your money is essential to lead a peaceful life. Nevertheless, it no not easy to set your financial goals and realize them one by one. The best mobile banking service includes smart tools that help check your expenses and save more.

The mobile banking app from IDFC FIRST Bank offers smart filters to help you view financial transactions based on the category, name, and payment method. It also helps categorize your expenses to know where you overspend and regulate them. With the income and expense analyser, you can compare your expenditure with the income and save a few of them.

  1. Apply for a credit card

Banks offer credit cards to assist their customers in managing their financial needs. A credit card helps you shop for products or services online and pay later. You can also use a credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM during an emergency. IDFC FIRST Bank offers you different types of credit cards like the FIRST Millennia, FIRST Classic, FIRST Select, and FIRST Wealth to suit your needs.

You can apply for a suitable credit card on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app by providing your name as given in the Aadhaar Card, date of birth, and mobile number and verify the details by receiving a one-time password or OTP on your mobile phone. You need to provide your personal details and upload supporting documents to receive a credit card. On having it, you can register for the credit card net banking facility for shopping online.

  1. Make timely payments

A banking app should help you pay your credit card or utility bills on time. If the payments for these bills are scheduled at different dates, it may not be easy to remember the dates and pay the bills on time. Failing to pay them on time will attract late fees, which will erode your income in the long run. With the IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile app, you can set the payments and reminders. It also helps you to set automatic payment of bills and save money.

  1. Reach your financial goals

A banking app should have advanced features to help you realize your financial goals. It can help you start a savings bank account and complete the net banking new registration process to transfer funds between accounts. The goal-based tools on the app suggest putting your unused money in the savings account in mutual funds, sovereign gold bonds, or unit-linked insurance plan schemes to increase your returns.

They also help you to plan your spending every month and send alerts when you exceed your expenses. You can do all these on a single platform, and it will help you reach your goals fast.

IDFC FIRST Bank can help you realize your financial goals through its most advanced mobile banking app, which helps you effectively manage your money.

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