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A glossary to the types of mattresses based on the material

There are several types of materials, and in itself none is better than another. Each one will be more or less recommended according to your needs and preferences. The options are endless when it comes to buy mattress online in India. When choosing a new mattress, your budget should not be the determining factor. Keep reading to know more in details.

Polyurethane foam mattress

  • Ideal for – people with low budget and little used beds.
  • Firmness – medium.

Manufactured with expanded polyurethane foams, they are characterized by low firmness and retain little shape after pressure. So they quickly return to their original state. They weigh little and are easy to handle. They are the most basic and economical option you will find, and that makes them ideal if you have a low budget.

Viscoelastic mattress

  • Ideal for – if you are one of those who spend many hours in bed, and looking for a soft and adaptable mattress.
  • Firmness – low / medium.

The viscoelastic or “memory foam” is a high quality foam that reacts to body heat by adjusting to reduce pressure in the areas of the body of greater weight. In general, they are rather soft mattresses that stand out for their flexibility and excellent adaptability, being the best option for people suffering from certain muscle or bone pain. Now buy the best Memory foam mattress in India online to get more comfort.

Spring mattress

  • Ideal for – hot people, with some lumbar disease.
  • Firmness – in general they are rather hard mattresses.

Although they sound old and uncomfortable, the reality is that technology has advanced enormously and today a good spring mattress can be as or more comfortable and suitable for a good rest than a viscoelastic or latex mattress. They are composed of a network of springs covered with several layers of fabric that isolate them and provide comfort and different degrees of firmness.

Latex mattress

  • Ideal for – allergic and asthmatic people.
  • Firmness – medium.

These mattresses can be made of natural latex – which comes from the rubber tree -, synthetic or a mixture of both. Depending on the origin of the latex, the price will be lower or higher. This material is characterized by great elasticity and resilience, so that, when changing positions, it quickly recovers its original state.

So, now that you know which one is suitable for you, you can buy the best online mattress in India.

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