A Home Seller’s Guide to Finding an Estate Agent

Selling your old house or a cherished property can be very hard for some people. It has been a place of memories for a long time, and selling it would be pretty daunting. That’s why those people aim to get the most value out of their beloved properties by acquiring the help of an estate agent. With their help, sellers are ensured of nothing but the best.

However, choosing the right estate agent is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of things to be considered and should be taken note of. You don’t just randomly find an estate agent and talk plans with them immediately. No, you should first assess if that estate agent fits your criteria before choosing them. To help you find the right estate agent, here are some of the factors to be considered.

  1. Comparing Different Reviews

Before approaching any estate agent, you must first check all available reviews that you can get your hands on. This includes online and word-of-mouth feedback from relatives or acquaintances. Then, collect all possible reviews and assess them one by one. Finally, make sure that most of the reviews are positive and take note of any negative reviews.

You must choose an estate agent that has given good services to their clients before. Those reviews will help you which estate agents are the best choices for selling your house. To help you better, the most highly rated estate agents show up first when you search the internet.

  1. Several Valuations

If all of the reviews are not enough for you to decide, getting some valuations from different estate agents can help you compare prices and come up with who to work with. However, do not immediately settle for the one that gives the highest price for your home. Instead, make sure to check the computations first and figure out which one has the better ratio.

  1. Experience and Properties Sold

You should also consider an estate agent’s experience and how many properties they have sold before. This will give you an idea of how they are as estate agents and their level of expertise. Finally, choose an estate agent who has proper knowledge of the area where the property is. For example, if you’re selling a property in Docklands, make sure to get knowledgeable estate agents Docklands as they will know the market for sure.

  1. Selling Fees

Lastly, it also makes a difference to take note of the selling fees. This charge usually depends on whether you choose an online estate agent or a high street estate agent. With online estate agents, you can get a package with an already fixed selling fee. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a high street estate agent, they mostly get a percentage of the final price for which you can sell the house, which can be tricky since there is no fixed price yet. So make sure to take note of this also for a better value in selling your home.

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