Benefits of Global Financial Reports and How to Get them?

Investors base their decision on whether or not to invest in your company by viewing the estimates for cash flows, profit share, dividends, and other complex sets of financial information of a company. Moreover, they require this information to predict the future cash flows, efficiency and reliability of a business. Therefore, a requirement to provide quality financial information and report arises in order to make sound investment decisions. As a result of this need, some companies provide global financial reports, which is a standard set of statements to enable them to conduct comparisons between organisations spread across different countries. Today, we will cover some major benefits of preparing such reports and how you can get them. So, to know more, keep scrolling.   

Benefits of Global Financial Statements

The key skill for an investor to make an intelligent investment decision is to read a company’s financial statements. The profit & loss statement, balance sheet, and comparison ratios help them understand the firm’s financial performance. All of this information is covered in global financial stability report. Here are some benefits associated with such reports.   

  1. The standardised view of financial statements helps you understand complex local filing formats in an easy way. 
  2. The local views of financial statements are also viewable, which remains available online so that you can get a deeper understanding and clarity wherever and whenever required. 
  3. Such statements take daily rates of international currency into account and display the result, which helps to give accurate outcomes as per the day. 
  4. With these reports, you can also create your own financial ratios and comparative derivations to tailor your estimation and evaluation according to internal standards.
  5. Global financial reporting helps you to predict the future of your company, compare it with others and form strategies on how to stay ahead of the competition.

Best Place to Get Global Financial Reports

Every country’s accounting standard and filing systems are different, and assessing their financial performance is a challenging task. To overcome this challenge, Dun & Bradstreet, the powerhouse of business data and tools offers a global financial analysis solution. The platform helps to standardise the reports and aids in conducting actual and fair comparisons across international datasets.

Dun & Bradstreet’s Global Financials collects live and precise data from multiple sources globally and reformats them into a standardised format for various businesses. If there is any change in local reporting standards, the same is immediately updated into their standardised format. So, there are no chances of errors, which improves the decision-making process. 

To Sum Up

Eliminate the challenge of fair comparison by availing global financial reports via Dun & Bradstreet. These statements are not only beneficial for outsiders but also for internal evaluation. This dual benefit is worth grabbing if you are looking for international investors, dealers or any other types of partnerships. D&B Global financials currently cover 47 international country markets. So, if you are looking for such services, you can register on Dun & Bradstreet today and request a demo. 


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