Best handwash to keep your hands germ free and protected

A handwash is a liquid soap filled in an easy-to-use bottle that makes hand washing simple and more germ-free. It is a good alternative to using soap to wash hands and nowadays comes with great germ-killing benefits.

Hand washing is one of the first personal hygiene habits you teach your kids as they grow up. Hand washing is an important part of our daily lives as, without it, we’d be left with greasy, stained hands that are unsafe to use! Hand washing is also one of the most championed methods of keeping away from germs and viruses according to International health bodies like the World Health Organisation and the Centre for Disease Prevention. A handwash is your best bet for a safe and clean life, so it is important to choose the best one! Here’s a list of some of the best handwashes available in India today:

Savlon Deep Clean Handwash

This Savlon handwash is made with a unique ingredient list and that will clean dirt dust and grease off easily and give you safe hands that smell like citrus! If you are paranoid about germs and take your handwashing very seriously, this handwash will do the job and more!

Savlon Moisture Shield Germ Protection Handwash

Made with Savlon’s 50 years of experience in germ-killing, this handwash is effective at killing strong viruses like the H1N1 virus, Rotavirus and 100 disease-causing bacteria. It is dermatologically tested and gentle on the hands too.

Savlon Herbal Sensitive pH Balanced Liquid Handwash

For people with sensitive skin, it’s best to use a handwash that does its job well and does not strip away moisture. This Savlon handwash is made with herbal goodness that restores the pH level of your skin and prevents inflammation or drying. If you love having a herbal and pleasant smelling handwash, this is the one for you.

Fiama Happy Handwash

Known for the luxurious fragrances in its products, this Fiama Happy Handwash does not disappoint. This handwash comes in happy orange colour and promises soft and supple hands. It has a gel consistency and has a Grapefruit and Bergamot fragrance that will instantly put you in a good mood. This handwash does all of this while also keeping you away from 99.9% germs!

Fiama Relax Handwash

Another Fiama handwash that effectively kills germs while smelling stunning is the Fiama Relax Handwash. It has a lovely fragrance of Lavender and Ylang Ylang that gives you a soothing feeling after washing your hands. It comes in a bright purple colour and has a gel-based consistency too. Even kids will love this bright and sweet-smelling handwash!

Fiama Fresh Handwash

A blue gel-based handwash, this Fiama Fresh Handwash is a burst of freshness and energy in your hands! Made with skin conditioners to keep hands smooth, it also kills germs and deems your hands safe to use. The best part about it? Its peppermint and green apple fragrance!

Each of these handwashes is dermatologically tested and mild on the skin. It is important to make sure that the handwash you’re buying is carefully tested and approved. Having skin conditioners in handwashes usually makes the hands soft and keeps them filled with moisture. But most importantly, the best handwash to keep your hands germ-free and protected is the one that promises 99.99% germ-killing!

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