Check Out Real11 and GetMega If You Love Playing In Big Teams

Try these fantastic online games if you are a sports lover and want to earn something extra by betting on matches. Real11 gives you one of the breathtaking platforms for playing fantasy cricket. As the name suggests, the player can have endless fun in this online gaming field.

Imagine as if you are playing real cricket with 11 players. Such an incredible gaming site will give you that real feeling. However, it is time to look for a more advanced option in this case. To fulfil your desires, GetMega presents some remarkable features. Make sure that you learn the rules of the games well to win big. Enlarge your team leading to an increment to your pocket size.

Let us now look at the comparative features of both these platforms for an improved gaming experience.

What do The Leaderboards say?

Are you confused about which app to choose for playing online cricket? Here are the easy solutions to resolve all your doubts. Of course, there is the massive popularity of Real11 among the everyday players. However, GetMega gives you a lot more options and brilliant features while playing the amusing game of 11.

To check out the advantages, you must learn the specialties of the leaderboards of the two platforms. On the one hand, Real11 presents an intuitive leaderboard that keeps the players engaged always. Tracking the positions is possible for every player.

Moreover, the organizers keep on updating the website from time to time. As a result, the scoring becomes very easy if you know about the attractive prizes. As the player keeps on winning, he or she will be climbing up the ladder. The platform is open for playing varieties of games 24×7.

If you look at the other side, GetMega offers a superior leaderboard for the interested players. Furthermore, simple playing is the most important feature of this site. Not just cricket, it is equally effective for playing any online games like Rummy, Ludo, Carrom, and others. Here, a player can experience the brilliance of the flash leaderboards. Games are available on different bases like hourly, weekly, monthly, etc.

User-Friendliness Of The Platforms

Real11 is not a highly complex site for the users to handle. The developers incorporated the advanced UI designs for a marvellous outcome. Therefore, Real11 presents a smooth platform where the players can share their amazing thoughts and ideas.

At every step, the developers want to identify the needs of the market. Accordingly, they keep on changing the features of the site along with some additions. So, the whole scenario is quite impressive as the customers start playing fantasy sports.

GetMega fulfils all the necessary criteria when it comes to online cricket matches. The animated games provide unlimited fun. Moreover, the players need not worry about the authenticity and safety of the application.

One of the specialities of this gaming site is the simultaneous existence of vertical and horizontal gaming styles. For some games, vertical styles are more apt, while for others, horizontal will be more suitable. Thus, the players can interact with each other and play enthusiastically. It is effortless to navigate the website and win big deals.

Type Of Game Play

In the case of Real11, the players need to make a dream team involving 20 to 25 players. There are two categories present over here. You can play and practice for free without any risks. However, you can also earn real money by entering into various contests.

The fun quotient is the primary factor for the gameplay on GetMega. Therefore, a player must focus on the game first to win a bagful. Learn the critical elements of the respective game.


We can conclude that both Real11 and GetMega are fantastic platforms to play online cricket. However, GetMega has better security control measures than the competitor. Moreover, from an operational perspective, it gives more options to the users. It involves varieties of games and is the one stop destination for gaming enthusiasts.

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