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Common Types of Signage Materials

There are many different materials you can use to create your custom signs. Choosing the suitable material for your sign can mean the difference between a beautiful and eye-catching display and an underwhelming one.


Wood is an excellent choice for signs that will be displayed outside, as it can be painted or stained. It can also be carved into different shapes and routed into other designs without damaging its structural integrity—and it’s not just for outdoor use!


Aluminum is a very light and durable material. Signs made with this material are typically permanent displays, meaning they’re meant to be on display for years (if not decades).


Steel is a great sign material, as it can be used for indoor and outdoor signs. It’s also versatile and can work with any design you have in mind. Steel is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and types of coating; these include:

  • Powder coated – This process uses chemicals that coat the steel material with an electrostatic charge that makes it sparkle when light hits it.
  • Painted – This type of painting involves spraying liquid paint onto the surface of the metal object being painted so that its colour shows through on top of anything else painted over it (like another colour).


Acrylic is a plastic material that is durable, lightweight, easy to clean and cut. It can be used for signage, displays, windows, and doors. It is also transparent, allowing light into the building from outside or inside. The gloss finish on acrylic makes it stand out in any environment.


Glass engraving Perth can be used in many different ways and is often used on the exterior of buildings to create a positive space that draws attention to itself while also helping to protect the building from the elements. However, glass is an expensive and fragile material to use, so it requires careful handling when transporting or installing signage materials on your business property.


Plastic signs are a good option for any business that wants to make a statement. Whether you’re looking for something that can withstand outdoor weather or need something portable, plastic signs are the perfect solution.

Plastic is also very versatile because it comes in multiple colors and shapes: there’s no limit to what kind of custom designs you can create with this material! This makes it great for creating unique displays within your store or restaurant (think: storefront window) and stand-alone pieces like signage outside your building.

While some people might think plastic gets dirty easily—it does, after all—plastic signs don’t need regular cleaning like metal ones do because they’re not attached to anything but themselves. They’re also lightweight, so transporting them won’t be too strenuous either.

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