Courses You Didn’t Know You Could Do Online

Since British scientist Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web in 1989, the internet’s changed the way people perform multiple tasks. It’s possible to chat face-to-face through your computer, play video games against people in other countries, and shop online.

The internet’s also made it possible to complete coursework through online programs. Online courses include business, health care, and artistic and sales courses. Whether you’re interested in pursuing the education needed for a new career, mastering a hobby, or advancing in your current career, you can take online courses to achieve your goals. Let’s look at some courses you might be surprised to learn you can complete online.

Earn your cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid certificates.

CPR’s a medical procedure that’s administered when a person’s suffering from cardiac arrest. Chest compressions ensure the person’s heart continues to pump blood through their body, preventing brain damage and death. Many professions require staff to have CPR certificates demonstrating they understand how to give chest compressions and provide artificial ventilation by breathing into a person’s mouth. You can become CPR certified online by completing a course taught by certified instructors. While online CPR certification only takes a few hours to complete, students have unlimited access to the course for 60 days, ensuring they can complete the training at their own pace.

You can opt to combine your online CPR course with a first aid course or take online first aid certification separately. First aid programs teach students how to address various medical emergencies, such as allergic reactions, burns, and potential poisonings. Students also learn how to provide wound care and care for individuals suffering from heatstroke or hypothermia. Many professionals, including teachers and healthcare providers, are required to have first aid certification. For example, registered nurses may be required to have CPR and basic life support (BLS) certification.

You can prepare for a career as a licensed real estate agent.

Real estate agents are licensed sales agents who help people buy, sell, or rent properties. A real estate career can be lucrative. While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the median annual income for all real estate brokers and sales agents in the United States was $51,220 in 2020, it also reports an annual mean salary of $102,200 for these professionals in New York State.

Real estate agents must pass their state’s licensing exam after completing real estate courses. Programs cover real estate law, homeownership, types of ownership, financing, interest, and marketing. Once students complete the coursework, they can take their exams and become licensed realtors.

Aspiring real estate professionals must be 18 years old and pass a NY Department of State program that takes 75 hours. Once they’ve graduated, they can register for the real estate license NY course. Alternatively, they can combine the 75-hour Department of State program with a sales training program that includes training to advance their careers, such as building a personal brand, selling when there’s low inventory, and creating social ads. The state program also helps students find a licensed broker to sponsor them. Students must work under a licensed broker to gain practical experience.

You can master hobbies.

Online platforms make it possible to take courses covering almost any subject. Sign up for a Masterclass and learn to cook or check out a beginner’s course in guitar playing before advancing to courses covering how to play the electric guitar or acoustic guitar. You can even check out Carlos Santana’s guitar course.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a writer. Multiple courses can help you write your first book, including books on plot and character development. You can also learn about worldbuilding from authors such as N.K. Jemison and Neil Gaiman.

There are multiple online courses you can take to further your career. You can also learn about hobbies and pursue personal interests through online studies.

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