Creating a Better Customer Experience at Your Car Wash  

If the words “car wash” still call to mind the 1970s song, your notion of your business has become far outdated. The success of today’s car wash relies on the holistic customer experience – the employees and the car wash supplies.While your customers may not see your employees, they certainly see the wash bays themselves, the vending machines, the complimentary items and the extras they can purchase. Your ability to cater to their whim immediately determines your success.

The car wash supplies you have on-hand determine your ability to do this. Your customers do not want to wait. They need you to deliver a top value service every time. To do this you need updated car wash equipment, new parts on-hand so you can make repairs as soon as equipment breakdowns occur. You also need to improve your car wash’s chemistry and the technologies you use. Finally, improved training and more of it for your on-site employees will help you earn more money.
It is a fact in business that you must spend money to make money. Nowhere is this truer than with car wash supplies. Your customer experience determines your bottom line.

You need every vending machine full of hanging and plug-in air fresheners, sprays, tire foams, towels, and glass cleaners. If your car wash does not already have vending machines, you need to install these. Many customers do not bring wax or sponges with them. They expect that a once through of the drive-thru shower and brushes will accomplish all the cleaning the exterior of their vehicle needs.

Provide for the customer to handle their own interior detailing. Whether you install coin-operated or complimentary vacuums, they need to remain in perfect working order. Consider a larger credit card operated vending machine or a separate sales area that caters to interior needs. Your customer may discover worn interior carpets or seat tears. You can enjoy their good graces and their recommendations to friends and family by offering car floor carpets, steering wheel covers and leather and/or vinyl repair kits that let them fix the problem they just discovered. This lets them stave off larger damage and keep their vehicle looking great. It nets you great word-of-mouth advertising.

You may only think of keeping enough car wash supplies on the premises to refill the soap tanks. If you expand the offerings or install vending machines that allow automated purchases, you can better serve your customers without hiring additional personnel. An increased investment in supplies for your car wash can net you a better bottom line.


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