Different Types of Access Control Management Systems

Access control management systems are essential to any organisation and facility security. These systems can control and monitor access to a particular area or building, ensuring that only authorised personnel can enter. When choosing a reliable access control security system for your facility, there are different access control systems available, each with its features and capabilities. It’s crucial to understand that not all are the same. It will help you determine the best one for your organisation.

Card-Based System

A card-based system is one of the most common access control systems available you can find. In this system, individuals have their own card or key fob to use and present to the system at the point of entry to gain access. The card or key fob contains a unique code or identification that the access control system can read. Only those with the correct code are allowed to enter. This type of system is common in office buildings, schools, and other facilities where plenty of staff and visitors need to enter and exit the establishment regularly.

Biometric-Based System

Biometric-based is another access control/fingerprint access system. It uses fingerprints, facial recognition, or other biometric data to identify individuals and grant access. Biometric systems are more employed in high-security areas, such as government buildings or military facilities, where the facilities demand higher secure access is of the utmost importance. These systems are also becoming more common in workplaces, as management can integrate them with time and attendance systems for added security and convenience.

Keyless Entry System

A third type of access control system is a keyless entry system. This type of system uses a code or keypad to grant access, rather than a card or a standard key fob. Keyless entry systems are frequent among residential settings, such as apartment buildings or gated communities, where a high level of security is a demand. But cards or key fobs are at risk of getting lost or stolen.

Choosing The Right One

Regardless of the type of access control system you choose, it is necessary that you check that the system is well-installed and maintained. It includes regular testing and updating of the system and training employees on how to use the access control system correctly. Additionally, it is worth having a backup plan in place in case of system failure or power outage.

When it comes to choosing an access control management system, it is also necessary to consider the specific needs of your facility. The type of system, the level of security required, and the number of users all play a role in determining the best access control system for your needs. By working with a reputable security company or provider, you can ensure that your access control system is properly installed and maintained. Hence, it can provide the level of security you need to protect your assets and personnel.

There are plenty of options available to meet your specific needs whether you are looking for a card-based, biometric-based, or keyless entry system. For a more robust and powerful access control or door access system in Singapore, visit iDLink Systems.

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