Double Barriers in Overwatch | Doom or Bless?

Double Barrier, the meta that was born with the arrival of the 31st hero in OverwatchSigma. If you are playing it then you must know what is it, every team always have the next champions in their ranks:

  • Orisa and Sigma: The core heroes of this build, the infamous barrier holders;
  • Moira: As the main healer who are keeping allies alive, she is the best choice due to her AoE healing potential;
  • Doomfist: The only weapon against this composition, in case if you have faced the mirror.

Most of the casual players are calling this meta: “”Shooting Barriers“”, and they are not wrong. Due to the arsenal of Sigma, he could cover the gaps between Orisa’s CD with his own, Experimental Barrier, so the overall uptime of the barriers is getting close to 100%.

I think that this meta is the most boring since the First Season. From one side this is a problem of the role-lock and Sigma himself, the game changed its course from a game where team composition is limited only with your imagination to the game with the limited hero-to-pick options. In Overwatch, you have a lot of heroes for each role, but in the Double Barriers times, most of them are being eliminated due to the fact that they are incapable to break through the shields. Let’s take tanks as an example, there are plenty of them but all they are forgotten, their place was taken only with the Orisa and Sigma on the only two tank spots in the Overwatch. The lack of available heroes in Overwatch is hurting the game in every possible angle. The OWL is suffering from a lack of viewers, the game, from a lack of available choices to efficiently play a game.

For DPS heroes such a meta is extremely annoying. Barriers are everywhere and it is just uneasy to play with the most characters to be efficient enough to bring victory to the team. Just imagine a situation when you are playing as Soldier, shooting for 15 seconds at the barrier just to destroy it and then another one pops up. Orisa’s barrier has 900 health and 12 seconds cooldown on this ability, while Sigma’s shield has 1500 hp and regenerates with a speed of 16.5 hp per second. Imagine how much damage you need to deal in the 15 seconds window just to create a small gap that is clearly not enough to kill even the squishiest hero in the enemy’s ranks. As you could see, bursting a shield is not an option at all, even with the bastion.

This is a pure nightmare for every McCree, Soldier, Ashe player, they are extremely useless and cannot deal enough burst damage in the “”damaging windows”” to kill even one hero. Barrier spam is just too hard for them to breakthrough. The only DPS that still could be considered as a good pick are heroes with the increased mobility or burst damage. It is a good time for Hanzo, Reaper, Bastion, Mei, and Doomfist players, today everyone would be happy to see you in their ranks, so if you are maining them it is the best time to earn easy SR points, according to the data, gathered with the help of https://expertboosting.com. Especially if you are a professional Doomfist that is a pure nightmare for both these tanks. Sigma and Orisa cannot do anything to the Doomfist that is rushing straight to them.

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