Espresso Macchiato – The Gentle Espresso Variation

If a normal espresso is not enough for you, you can simply treat yourself to an espresso macchiato. We explain how to prepare the Italian espresso specialty.

  1. What is special about an espresso macchiato

In principle, an espresso macchiato is an espresso refined with milk foam. For this purpose, the simple espresso is brewed in the conventional way. The amount of a simple espresso is usually around 25 millilitres. A double espresso holds 40 to 50 millilitres. For an espresso macchiato, however, it is not relevant which amount is used.

On the other hand, the addition of milk is crucial. As the term macchiato – Italian for “patted” – suggests, a little milk froth is added to the finished espresso.

The espresso macchiato is also simply referred to as caffè macchiato in Italy.

  1. Preparation and the right ingredients

When it comes to preparing an aromatic espresso macchiato, it all comes down to the detail. Keep the following points in mind:

The right machine

For best nespresso machine, it is best to use a port filter machine or espresso machine. This applies the ideal pressure required for a tasty espresso with cream.

The right powder

It is also advisable to use special espresso powder for the preparation, as it differs from conventional ground coffee and is therefore essential for the typical taste.

How does espresso grind affect the taste?

The characteristic taste only comes about through special espresso powder. This is ground finer than standard coffee powder, which means that the rich aromas are released particularly well.

The delicious milk froth

For the ideal froth, the milk should not be heated above 65 degrees Celsius. It is also important that it does not become too firm. The milk froth should not be able to carry a biscuit, but should be fine and flexible.

Preheat the cup

To preserve the aroma of the espresso, the cup should be preheated accordingly. To do this, simply fill the cup with hot water beforehand and only pour it out shortly before preparation.

Why should the espresso cup be preheated?

The cold porcelain of the espresso cup has a negative effect on the taste, as it immediately draws heat from the hot drink. However, this is important for the preservation of various aromas. In addition, the cream and milk froth are retained longer with preheated cups.

  1. Preparation of an espresso macchiato

After the cup has been preheated and the milk has been frothed, the preparation of the espresso specialty can begin.

  1. Place the cup under the spout of the machine for a simple espresso.
  2. Fill the cup with espresso. The throughput time is usually 25 seconds for around 25 millilitres.
  3. A little milk froth is added to the finished espresso. Place about ten grams of milk froth in the centre of the surface. You can add a little hot milk if you like.
  1. How to drink an espresso macchiato

In order to be able to taste the full aroma of the espresso, it is advisable to drink the specialty without sugar. In addition, the milk added and the cup should also be warm in order to preserve the good taste of the espresso macchiato.

The fat in the milk benefits the drink as a flavour carrier. However, the milk itself also changes the taste. Therefore, the espresso macchiato is ideal for those who find a pure espresso too intense.


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