Experienced Virtual Assistant’s Advice For New Vas

There are plenty of pros and cons to working as a virtual assistant, and I am going to talk to some people that work in this industry to get their own tips for new virtual assistants. These people are my peers, and they have gone through what I am going through right now. Here are their tips for new virtual assistants.

The first thing is that both pros and cons exist with hiring social media professionals. Hiring someone that has the ability to connect with people can be a great thing, but if you don’t know what they do, you could spend hours every day answering questions related to your products and services, instead of doing more productive things. This is why there are pros and cons to social media marketing for virtual assistants. The biggest con is probably the fact that most people that are on Twitter are interested in marketing, so if you are just answering questions about your product, you will not have much interaction left. But on the other hand, if you have an interesting opinion or topic, you could easily turn that into an informative conversation, which is how I usually use twitter.

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