Exploring Salad Items Of Japanese Cuisine? Check Out The Cucumber And Wakame Salad

It takes around ten minutes to prepare and fifteen minutes to cook the salad. Your cucumber and wakame salad (ยํา สาหร่าย วา กา เมะ, which is the term in Thai) will be ready for serving in less than thirty minutes. A vinegared and light salad made with cucumbers is usually called Sunomono. The Japanese Sunomono is made with cucumber and seaweed or wakame.


The Japanese meals are often accompanied by wakame salad. It tastes exceptional with seafood as well.  The blend of wakame and cucumber is among one of the most prevalent kinds of Sunomono. But what’s more exciting is that you can make this tasty and simple dish at your home. A vegetable slicer or mandolin will speed up the process.

Sunomono can also be other types of vinegared salads that are made with varied raw vegetables like cabbage, celery, radishes, daikon, turnips, etc. Did you know that vinegar is known as “su” in Japanese?

Japanese people typically use rice vinegar. Rice vinegar is fermented from rice, as the name suggests, and it plays a significant role in Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. When compared to most vinegar in the West, rice vinegar has a slightly sweeter and milder flavor. Seasoned rice vinegar is also called sushi vinegar because it has salt and sugar, the three primary ingredients required to flavor the rice for sushi.

Here is a tip to prepare Sunomono: remember to remove the extra moisture from the vegetables. You have to slice the vegetables, sprinkle salt over them, and mix properly. To draw out the excess moisture, let it sit over a strainer for nearly ten minutes. To squeeze out the remaining moisture, use your hands. And then gently mix with other salad ingredients and the dressing.

Ingredients Required

  • Half Teaspoon Of Salt.
  • Two Tablespoons Of Sugar.
  • Four Tablespoons Of Rice Vinegar.
  • Two Oz. Softened And Rehydrated Wakame Seaweed Cut Into Lengths Of Two Inches.
  • One Sliced Small Cucumber Into Thin Rounds.


  • The first step is to sprinkle salt over the cucumber after putting it in a bowl.
  • Then we have to set it aside for five minutes.
  • After that, we will squeeze the slices of cucumber to remove the additional liquid.
  • In a bowl, we will mix the sugar and vinegar.
  • Finally, we will add the wakame and cucumber to the bowl and properly mix them.

Your cucumber and wakame salad are ready to be served with seafood or any Japanese main course. 

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