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If you want to be able to play poker properly, you need to know in which situations which sizing to use. Strategy is a very important factor when playing poker. If you don’t know how much to bet in a given situation, you can miss out on a lot of Chips. You don’t want to deter players by Overbetting. But you also don’t want all players to call at the table by making too small a bet. The chance that a card will fall on the flop, turn or river that is to your disadvantage is therefore much greater.

Live poker

It is also important that you always keep an eye on how many dominoqq Chips you have compared to your opponents. The difference between playing against a Big Stack or a Small Stack is huge. A Big Stack will be able to afford more Chips and will therefore play with a wider variety of hands. A Small Stack against it cannot afford to lose even more and will only play with relatively strong hands. You could also expect an Allin Move from a Small Stack, simply because otherwise he will have nothing left to play with.

Placing a bet

There are many elements that determine how much to bet in a hand. Here it is important that you tie the points together so you can have a good bluff or value 3-bet preflop but a give-up on the flop. Make sure you know which flops are good for our range and where exactly your value lies. If the flop hits your range extremely hard, you can often go very big. Hit the flop your range less but if you are a pre-flop aggressor it is often wise to bet smaller because more hands in your range have missed. For example, there are combinations of hands that are excellent hands for betting big on the flop and turn, but if we don’t improve on the river, this hand should simply be put down.

Betting on the flop

A critical point in poker is how much you will bet on the flop when you know you are in front. Suppose you get QQ shared in a tournament. Blinds are 2,000 / 4,000, you Raist to 11,500 Chips. A player calls you Raise, the flop becomes Q-2-9. An ideal flop for you, you have Three of a Kind and it is not a dangerous flop. This is a hand that needs little protection, so it is often wise to check for balance and induce a bluff from the opponent. If you have a set of 22, you can bet more often because you do not block his strong Qx range that gives you at least 2 blocks of value.

So it is important to look at your range and its range

The most important thing about betting is that you take the largest possible part of your range to the river. So choose lines that keep your range intact. This means that your opponent does not get easy on any street. This is often referred to as the GTO way of playing. Balance your range in a way that prevents you from exploiting it, and gets value from people who overfold or overcall.

If you are unsure about a hand, save it and study it after the poker session so that you learn from any mistakes.

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