Foodies to Gadget Gurus, 7 Trendy & Eco-Friendly Diwali Gifts

As we know, the festival of Diwali brings in a never-ending dose of love, laughter, lights, and food in everyone’s life. Along with the endless sweets and chatter, it also marks the beginning of air and noise pollution. So, how about spending the most awaited time of the year in an eco-friendly manner? For starters, begin with exchanging eco-friendly gifts for Diwali with your loved ones. 

If you are wracking your brain behind choosing the perfect eco-friendly gifts for Diwali online, draw some inspiration from this list given below: 

  1. Recycled stationery 

On the auspicious occasion, remind your favourite people to adapt responsible consumerism by giving them recycled stationery as Diwali gifts. Spread love and light in the lives of your loved ones with an exquisite collection of recycled pens and sustainable diaries. Due to the current era of environmental degradation, you’ll find several options for recycled stationery items to give your near and dear ones. 

  1. Ayurvedic skincare 

Many of you might like indulging in self-care once in a while, don’t you? What is a better occasion than Diwali to focus on the skincare routine? So, gift Ayurvedic skincare to your special ones that will instantly bring a glow on their face. Make a hamper consisting of organic face packs, hair masks, shampoo, and essential oils to spoil your loved ones with eco-friendly gifts for Diwali. 

  1. Sustainable clothes 

In today’s era, many people have started shifting to sustainable clothing items. So surprise your loved ones with chemical-free yet stylish pair of clothes to flaunt this Diwali season. For your nephews and nieces, pick a cute pair of pyjamas or short. Choose a light-weight embroidered jacket, stole or a kurta for the woman in your life, be it your mom, sister, or ladylove. 

  1. Earthy bags  

Are you looking for simple eco-friendly gifts for Diwali? For the auspicious celebration of the festive season, replace plastic gift wrapping with earthy bags. Choose an eco-friendly jute potli to send gifts to your loved ones on Diwali. Earthy bags are safe, eco-friendly gifts for Diwali to keep up the spark of the festival alive without hampering the environment. 

  1. Plastic-free cutlery 

Let’s face it: Planning a Diwali party is quite hectic. While organising a Diwali party, many of you might pay close attention to the guest list, and delicacies, but overlook the plastic-waste generation during that one night. So, gift plastic-free cutlery to the host of the family. Curate a wholesome biodegradable hamper of metal straws, wooden spoons, bamboo plates, and so forth to cut short on plastic waste this festive season. 

  1. Organic food basket

The five-day celebration is loaded with sweets, chocolates, and several other kinds of snacks. However, the number of colours and chemicals in these food items is unimaginable. So, choose organic binge-worthy namkeen and mithai for your loved ones this festive season. Whether you’re looking for Diwali gifts or Bhai dooj gifts, combine a basket consisting of healthy beverages, gluten-free cookies, soya noodles, etc. for them. 

  1. Portable salt lamp 

This festive season, leave an exceptional impression on your loved ones by gifting them portable devices, which neither increases carbon footprint nor hampers the surrounding area. One such gadget is the portable salt lamp that is powered by saltwater. It is a handy device which can be carried anywhere, especially on treks or camps. 

  1. DIY diyas

Think out-of-the-box and create self-made diyas for your gang. Take some time out and put your creativity to the test with these diyas for your loved ones. Put beautiful sequin bangles and embroidered fabric together to make them. You can also surprise them with DIY paper lanterns and floating flowers this festive season. 

  1. Home decor  

Do you have a special person in your life whose happiness lies in all things pretty? If that’s the case, a home decor piece is one of the perfect Diwali gifts. Choose a recycled coaster, hand-woven placemat or handcrafted trays to celebrate Diwali with your loved ones in an eco-friendly manner. 

  1. Handmade goodies 

Nothing conveys your love in a special manner more than giving handmade goodies to your love ones on a festive occasion. Pamper them with natural beauty products, such as bath bombs, body scrubs, lotion, etc. made by you. When you make it yourself, you can give different shapes, colours, and designs to the product. It acts as unique personalised gifts to surprise them during the divine celebration. 

All in all, many of you might believe living life in a sustainable way. So, this is your time to take a small step towards saving the environment by sending eco-friendly Diwali gifts online. The above-mentioned Diwali gifts will not only work magic on your loved ones but also the environment. Fascinating, isn’t it? Happy Diwali, you guys! 

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