Frequently asked questions about Vaping

The popularity of cigarettes hasn’t reduced, but the new form of e-cigarettes has risen in the market. Although these have gained extreme popularity, there are certain conditions under which vaping doesn’t qualify. Moreover, there are a lot of things that people usually don’t know about vaping. 

A number of questions are often asked about vaping. Thus, some of the most frequently asked questions about vaping are answered here for the ones who don’t really know. 

I am pregnant. Can I vape?


Although there is not enough research and evidence about the impact of vaping on the fetus, it is better to avoid taking the risk. Even when vaping wasn’t popular, pregnant women were prohibited from smoking due to health concerns. Vaping and smoking may have negative effects on your pregnancy. 

How long can the vape juice stay in a vape? 

If you have been planning to use the stored juice in the vape, it is better if you check the number of days, mostly because this is one of the most questionable figures. As per experts, you should not leave the juice in a vape for more than 14 days. This leads to deterioration in flavor, and the color turns dark. The dark color of the juice indicates the rising risk of health problems. 

It is essential to check the expiration date of the vape juice as well for safety precautions. 

Why is my vape tasting burnt? 

One of the most common reasons why your vape tastes burnt is because the wick has dried out. The wick is placed in an atomizer coil, and it burns due to excessive heat. To avoid the burnt flavor, you need to keep moisturized and soaked with flavor. These vapes are easy to clean, as well. You can literally soak it in water to remove the liquid. Another reason why your vape tastes burnt is that the coil needs replacement. 

Can I use the particular e-liquid in any vape pen?

Experts at PGVG Labs recommend avoiding using e-liquids in any vape pen. The compatibility of the liquid with vape pen matters, and if they do not match, it can lead to clogged coils or leaky tanks, thereby proving to be extremely inefficient. Thus, it is necessary to know your vape pen model and liquid to find the best one. When choosing the liquid, make sure to determine the box mod and pod characteristics for better understanding. Being extra careful with the handling will avoid the risk of vape being burnt. 

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