Gaining Confidence as You Re-enter the Workforce: 5 Tips

You may be starting a new career, switching employers or simply going back to the office after working from home. No matter what your situation, here are five ways to go in with minimum stress and maximum confidence.

Look Great

Looking good helps you feel good, and re-entering the workforce is a great time to freshen up your look. Start with healthy skin. If your complexion is dull, look into RF microneedling packages that can enhance the appearance and texture of your skin. Beautiful skin requires little makeup, which will save you time getting ready in the morning.

Healthy hair can help boost your confidence as well. This may not be an ideal time for a drastic change to your style, but trim dry or split ends. Use quality shampoo, conditioner and styling products, and avoid heat styling when possible.

Dress the Part

Company culture is communicated partly by how employees dress. Wear a suit and tie to a casual technology startup and you will feel silly; sport a t-shirt in an accounting firm and you may not be taken seriously. When you go in for your interview or training, look around at what your future colleagues are wearing. Whatever the style, be sure your clothes are clean, neat and in good shape. That goes double for shoes.

Fuel Your Body

Healthy habits fuel productive workers. You know that good nutrition and regular exercise contribute to your overall well-being. Studies now show that proper nutrition is key to optimizing your brain’s performance. A diet low in sugar can boost cognitive function, focus and memory. Consuming high amounts of antioxidants and the right kinds of fat and can also improve mental agility.

Keep Moving

Physical activity plays an important role in your job performance, too. Getting enough exercise enhances cognition in biological and physiological ways. The effects are especially pronounced in the areas of the brain that influence judgment, stress management and emotion regulation.

Calm Your Mind

You may feel anxious about your return to work, but you do not need to look anxious. Portray confidence and enjoy work more by learning to de-stress. Deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to manage stressful moments, and you can do it anytime, anywhere. When you feel your heart rate rising, inhale deeply through your nose and exhale completely through your mouth. Repeat until you feel the relaxing effects.

Regularly participating in mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga may help you stay calm throughout the day. Stretching, aromatherapy and soothing music can help curb tension as it occurs.

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