Gambling in Indonesia

Getting is the betting of money or something significant, aiming to win material products. While keeping the odds in one’s favour, there are chances of winning a great deal of money but at the same time, one also has to risk losing all that’s at stake.

History of gambling in Indonesia  

Gambling is illegal in several countries but Indonesia is one of the countries with the most gripping past with gambling. Though gambling was once legal in Indonesia, there was a strong reason for the banning of gambling in the country. In 2012, during the Euro Cup, several Indonesians sought of trying their luck in gambling by gathering huge amounts of bets. Many people are even believed to have sold their houses to collect money for gambling. While some people won, this still gave the Indonesian economy a great setback.

 Since then, the government of Indonesia has instructed its ministries to take all the effective measures to ban gambling all over the country. One of the reasons for the effective implementation of all the laws is the Islamic majority of the country. According to some religious beliefs gambling is considered immoral in Islam. Therefore, the efforts of the government are magnified by this belief among the people. The people of the country even protested against the state-run lottery which was later shut down. 

Laws in Indonesia against gambling  

Indonesia has completely banned gambling arenas such as- bingo halls, casinos, poker rooms, etc. many online websites have also been completely shut down. There are no strict punishments in the Indonesian laws but the officials in the country can often check the mobile phones of the people during random highway or airport checks. But the religious punishments of the country are pretty strict and one might have to face very hard punishments if caught gambling.

The people have somehow found ways to relish their favourite pastime, by betting on cockfights in villages, using online platforms to place bets, and to try their luck. Even though online gambling is prohibited in Indonesia, some online gambling websites accept Indonesian entries like Prediksi SGP, and even after the prohibition of real-time gambling arcades in the country some places organize games that involve betting. These places are although, often raided but that does the least to discourage the people from gambling. The government has anyways, provided annual licenses to almost 8000 free-lottery platforms. 

Future of Gambling in Indonesia 

Where Asian countries have shown a rapid growth in the gambling industry which accounts for almost 80 billion dollars, the country of Indonesia has been able to make its way in the opposite direction. Since 2012, the government of the country and the religious affairs ministry, the Communications and the Social Affairs Ministry are trying their level best to come up with a full-proof plan for the 100% ban over all kinds of gambling. The rapid difference within these years is an evident indicator of the efforts done by the officials. The awareness among the people about the future of gambling has helped in the proper implementation of the laws.


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