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Guide to floor mats and safety



There’s a floor mat for every purpose in your business. But it’s not always easy to find the right one. Ultimate mats can help you determine the best floor mat to use in your space.

You can trap dirt, bacteria, and viruses on your floor mats, but they need to be purchased and maintained only by a reputable company. American wear’s floor mats are ready for anything and their professionals are there to help. These uncertain times call for floor mats to keep your business floors clean.

Here are the mats to make your business safer:

The classics can never go wrong. Ultimate mats have the style that fits your business regardless of their theme or color. These mats can be found in a variety of sizes and colors.

In this instance, “classic” doesn’t always mean “old-fashioned”. These beautiful mats are equipped with high-quality piling and a strong rubber backing. They are therefore reliable, durable, and highly effective.

Logo mats

Ultimate mats offer quality logo mats for a customized look. Ultimate mats wear can provide a solution for your logo, catchphrase, or company name to be visible to everyone.

Ultimate logo mats are high-quality mats that you would expect to find from a quality supplier. However, they have a unique flair. American wear mats have a rubber backing, are precisely engineered, and are professionally cared for. Your company representation will follow suit.

Scraper mats

Outdoor elements can floors as well as employee and customer safety. Ultimate mats provides scraper mats to keep outside elements away.

A scraper rug is a must-have for entrances or lobbies with dirt and puddles. Scraper mats are able to trap contaminants outside and prevent them from getting on your floors.

Comfort mats

Kitchens are known for being dangerous and inconvenient. The constant standing and spills can make it difficult to find comfort. American wear comfort flow mats can change that.

Comfort flow mats offer reliable traction for even the most chaotic and spill-prone environments.

Waterhog mats

Water does not belong on the floors of your business. American wear Waterhog mats are designed to keep water from getting everywhere. Waterhog mats have a high absorbency and are built to last.

Ant fatigue mats

Standing for too long can cause strain to the legs, back, or feet. This strain can wear down your employees and cause them to be less energetic and attentive. Ultimate mats offer anti-fatigue carpets to reduce the stress that long-standing can have on employees.

Cushion mats

These mats will speak for themselves if comfort is all that matters. Ultimate mats combine a soft, pleasant fabric with a rubber backing to make them suitable for tough jobs.

Why choose any Waterhog logo mats over other options?

Waterhog mats are another popular choice for residences. Ultimate mats, a reputable supplier of these floor mats have added these to its production line recently, in response to the high demand.

Waterhog rugs are now available in many designs, which is why many homeowners like them. You may be wondering what makes Waterhog mats so unique.

Can you use it for your brand promotion?

These mats are great for advertising any business name. Contact the mat supplier and request customization with your company brand.

These mats should not be placed directly in front of the entrance.

These Waterhog mats also work well for marketing and promotion of products. You simply need to print the message and place it in an area where it can be seen by a maximum number of people.

These Waterhog mats are placed at specific strategic points, such as the area where product sales take place.


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