Injuries are painful by nature, no matter how mild they appear to be. Anyone who is hurt is worse off than individuals who have major injuries that have damaged various joints in their bodies. While this can happen to anybody, it is most common among athletes who sustain injuries as a result of the rigorous activities that are required in athletic events. They are a component of the job’s risks, just as sports’ well-known injuries are. At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, we take this into account in order to help anyone suffering from an injury get the treatment they deserve through the greatest sports medicine.

We can address any form of injury, whether it’s to the shoulders or hips, even knee ailments. These are all typical injuries related to sporting activities, putting any team that loses a player due to injury in a perilous position, especially if the player is a key member of the squad. It becomes worse when an injury does not heal quickly enough; this is one of the benefits we provide with our facilities. When surgery is required, we make sure the operation goes smoothly for the athletes and anyone else who uses our advanced orthopedics sports medicine.

After a period of time, implants that have been used to repair a previously performed operation, such as a shoulder replacement, wear out. In this case, the patient would require surgery revision, which is the most delicate procedure because it involves replacing old, worn-out implants with new ones. Only a few sites have a solid track record for such procedures, and I’m proud to state that Advanced Orthopedics of Colorado is one of the few places where such procedures are performed with a high success rate. So whether it’s a sports celebrity or simply a regular person with an injury, we can go through the treatment for everybody. Whether it’s the knee, wrist, or any other portion of the body, We are certain that we can successfully perform revision surgery on our patients.

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