Here Is How You Can Do Kidney Function Test Without Leaving Your Home In Delhi In 3 Simple Steps

If a person suffers from chronic kidney disease or suspects kidney damage, getting a kidney function test is crucial. There are various options to do a kidney function test that is accurate and safe. With technological advancement, it has become easier to take care of our kidney health. One can do kidney function tests at home as well. Travelling to a diagnostic center every time is unnecessary to get a kidney function test done.

However, one must be sure that the test they are doing is correct; otherwise, there can be severe problems. If the reports are wrong, the treatment will also be incorrect, leading to fatal problems later. A person should research well on the KFT test price in Delhi if they reside in the city. 

There are various home testing kits available on the market that can help to assess the functioning of our kidneys. One has to invest in a kidney function test home kit from the right place. If you are looking for a KFT test price in Delhi, visit as they will help you know the right cost. Then you can do the kidney function test at your home in Delhi without worrying about the result.

Functions Of The Kidney

We need to check on our kidneys’ functioning as they play a major role in maintaining good health. Here are a few vital functions of our kidneys: 

  • The kidneys help to regulate electrolytes such as salt, potassium and acid content in our body. 
  • It helps in the excretion of waste products from our bodies. 
  • The kidneys help to remove excess fluid from our body to maintain fluid-electrolyte balance. 
  • It also maintains the balance of chemicals.
  • It releases hormones to regulate blood pressure. 

Before booking a kidney function test or investing in a home test kit, it is important to know the KFT test price in Delhi so one can choose an authentic and affordable center.

Steps to do Kidney Function Test at Home in Delhi

Let’s take a look at the steps that you can follow to do a kidney function test without leaving your home in Delhi:

Simple Urine Test

You can invest in a kidney test kit that will help to accurately calculate albuminuria IQ, which is the presence of albumin in your urine. This is a symptom of kidney damage, so one needs to keep a check. They have to buy a proper home kit, so it’s important to know the KFT test price in Delhi. After researching properly, one can buy a kit at an affordable rate.

Urinalysis Device

The device helps people to conduct a urinalysis test at home. They can send the results to the doctor after the test is done. It is important to buy the device from a credible place so that the results are accurate.

Clinical Signs

You can also do a kidney function test at home by keeping track of the clinical symptoms such as urine colour, presence of blood, foul odour and other abnormal problems. Once you notice these symptoms, doing a kidney function test becomes important. You can look for the KFT test price in Delhi so that you can choose a diagnostic place in the city that is economical and credible.

Kidney Function Tests can be expensive, so one must be careful when selecting a place. They should look for the KFT test price in Delhi, and then find a place that fits their budget and has a good reputation. One should never compromise on their kidney health as it plays many important roles that contribute to our good health.

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