Here’s How To Use Breast Pads Properly: Guide For Women

Before learning to use a breast pad, it is crucial to understand its importance and benefits. If you are pregnant or a nursing mom, breast pads can be helpful. Breast pads are also called as nursing pads as they help to absorb the milk leakage effectively. These kinds of pads go between a woman’s nipples and her bra and are absorbent, detachable liners. They serve as a barrier, shielding a woman’s clothing from possible milk leakage, stains and wet spots. Unexpected leakages and let-downs are common for pregnant or nursing moms but they can be quite embarrassing during important occasions. It is important to know how to use breast pads correctly to prevent leakages and wet spots.

Guide to Use Breast Pads Properly

Here is a detailed low-down on how to use breast pads correctly so that women who do not know to use the product can start wearing it in the right way and prevent staining their clothes with milk leakages:

Clean Your Nipple

It is important to keep your nipples clean and bacteria-free when using breast pads. Please make sure your nipple is dry and has no bacteria before applying a clean breast pad. In case your nipples are irritated, apply a safe nipple cream before wearing the breast pad. This will ensure that you are comfortable after applying the breast pad. 

Remove Adhesive Properly

First, clean your hands and then remove the breast pads from their packaging carefully. Then peel off the adhesive backing properly before applying it to your breasts. It is very crucial to remove all the adhesive backing carefully before wearing the breast pads to avoid problems or skin irritation later on. 

Adjust Nipple Position

Center your nipple on the breast pads to avoid leakages and to maximize the absorbency. It is important to wear the breast pads correctly and position the nipples carefully so that the product can do its job of controlling milk leaks and preventing staining.  

Press Adhesive Against Bra Carefully

You need to make sure that your bra and breast pads are pressed against each other correctly so that the pads can contain milk leakage to the maximum extent. Press the adhesive of the breast pads properly against your bra so that they can stay in position for a long time. Once you position your bra into place correctly, re-adjust the pad if you feel it is not properly placed.

Remove Wet Breast Pads

When your breast pad becomes moist with milk leakage, remove it immediately to prevent skin irritation, rashes, and other skin problems. Do not wear a wet breast pad for a long time as that is unhygienic. Take out a fresh breast pad and wear it in the same order that we have mentioned above. 

Use Water if Breast Pads Get Stuck

If the breast pads get stuck to your nipple, gently apply moisture and put water so that it can release. Avoid pulling the breast pad or forcefully taking it out as that can be uncomfortable. Use lots of water gently, to remove the breast pads from the nipple. 

If you experience rashes and skin problems due to the breast pad, consult a doctor immediately. You might also change the company of the breast pads and try one that is widely accepted by other nursing moms. Breast pads are quite convenient products that can help to prevent leakages and wet spots on your clothes effectively. Wear them whenever you need to attend an important function or when you go out so that the staining does not affect your clothes. Milk spots and steans can spoil your clothes completely so using a breast pad during these situations is very helpful.    


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