Horse poker- rules and method of playing this game

Poker is a very popular game and people can play them either in brick and mortar casinos or online. Now online poker has become much popular as people can play the game from the comfort of their home. There are many websites, which people can use to play the game. One such website is agen poker where people can find a lot of games to play in. The just have to navigate to the agen poker website and use their credentials to open their account. After that, they can play the game of their choice. The horse is a very popular poker game and in this article, we will discuss the method of playing the game.


Horse poker is a game, which consists of five games and players have to play all the games to win the pot. Hold’em games are becoming tough so many other games have been developed and the horse is one of them. The game is mostly played in the form of a tournament.

Games included in the horse poker

There are many games on poker in which variants of poker are combined and the horse is one of them. The variants included in this game are

  • Hold’em
  • Omaha Hi
  • Razz (7-Card Stud Low)
  • Stud (7-Card Stud High)
  • Eight-or-better (Stud Hi-Lo)

How to play the game?

A full rotation of each game is played among the players and the sequence of the game is also the same which is Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Razz (7-Card Stud Low), Stud (7-Card Stud High), Eight-or-better (Stud Hi-Lo). Players need to know which game they are playing. They are notified verbally or a card can be placed which will denote the type of game being played. In the case of the online game, people can see the name of the game on the table border. All the games

included in the horse have fixed limit betting.

Where to play?

This game is mostly played in the form of a tournament. In the case of an online game, the software must have the capability of providing all the games. The game can be played in the World Championship of Online Poker.

The strategy of playing the game

Here are some of the simple tips, which the players have to follow to become perfect horseplayers. These tips are described here.

Rules of all games should be learned

Many people play the game but are not aware of the rules of each variant in the game. This is a common thing and such people lose the game easily. People should be aware of the common terms used in each game like bring-in stud and razz, blinds in Hold’em, etc.

Try to play the biggest pot

People who are expert in playing horse must try to play for the big pots. It is a poor etiquette which people show if they do not play all the variants.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the things, which people must know about the horse. The game consists of five variants of poker and they should be aware of all of them.

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