How Can an Environmental Testing Lab Partner Help You?

The world has witnessed a manufacturing boom and to meet the rising demands, businesses often ignore the compliance guidelines forwarded to them. As a result of this, the incessant release of pollutants and toxins in the environment are seen. This is triggering health hazards, non-compliance fines, and other litigations. To not prove yourself to be a fatal business, it is the best time to become compliant with these guidelines and take the help of a testing lab. If not sure about what benefits can these testing labs bring you with, follow here to understand better.

Regulatory compliance

Almost every manufacturer in the EU needs to comply with the RoHS directive. It is the pillar of environmental compliance. The directive identifies the toxins that are used and mitigates the hazards if they are discovered. So any manufacturing unit needs to have the materials tested and documented to make sure if they are being compliant.

Lead-based pollution surveys

Mostly every electronic manufacturer uses lead and mercury in their production processes. But it is a threat when used in excess. The production may also stop without gaining permission to use the metal in electronics or other household products. Hence, you need a testing partner to understand if you are complying with the rules.


This Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive is applied predominantly on the products manufactured and sold in the EU. They check for the presence of restricted materials in the electronics. To understand if you are following the guidelines, you need to have your products and materials tested and verified through testing agents before releasing them into the market.

Hydro-geologic services

When the wastes are dumped in the landfills, it is very common for heavy metals to leech out into the soil. In due course of time, it touches the groundwater, thus affecting the water bed too. The testing labs can partner with you to investigate the source of this metal pollution by extensively checking your manufactured products. Once the source is identified, it is mapped and modelled to reduce the use of those elements.

Waste management planning

As most of the e-wastes are dumped in the landfills, the testing partners help ideating ways in which you can manufacture goods to reduce pollution in landfills. The chemical composition of the products is restructured that ensure lesser harmful disposal or can initiate recycling processes.

Enviropass can be your testing partner to ensure you become a sustainable and compliant business at the earliest.

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