How do I open an NRI account at ICICI Bank while living in the USA?

If you are an NRI living in the USA, you can still open an ICICI Bank NRI account online and offline. Read this post to know how. 

ICICI Bank is a leading private bank in India well-known for its NRI banking products and services. To effectively meet the banking needs of NRIs across the world, the bank offers an extensive range of NRI bank accounts, like NRE (Non-Resident External), NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary), FCNR (Foreign Currency Non-Resident), and more. 

Moreover, the bank now allows NRIs to open a bank account even when they live overseas in countries like the USA and the UK. If you are an NRI currently residing in these countries, here is everything you should know about how to open an NRI account online with ICICI Bank-

  1. You Can Open ICICI NRI Account Online and Offline

ICICI Bank is one of the few Indian banks that allow overseas NRIs the flexibility to open a bank account online and offline. For online account opening, the customers can fill the application form online by visiting the bank’s official website. In addition, NRIs in the USA have the option to upload their KYC documents online.

For offline account opening, an NRI customer can visit the nearest overseas branch of the bank in the US. 

  1. Keep the KYC Documents Handy

Whether you upload the KYC documents online or send them to the bank through courier, all the documents should be self-attested. Additionally, the documents should also be attested by either a notary, banker, or embassy official. These are the documents you’ll need-

  • Passport
  • Valid work permit, employment visa, or residence visa
  • Indian and overseas address proof

Once the bank verifies these documents, your new NRI bank account will be ready to use. This should not take more than 3-5 working days after document submission. Once the account is ready, details about the same will be sent to the customer through email. 

  1. Select the Right NRI Bank Account

If you are planning to open an NRI account in UK or USA, ensure that you choose the right type of account as per your requirement. For instance, an ICICI NRE account is ideal for sending your foreign earnings to India. An ICICI NRO account, on the other hand, is used for depositing your Indian earnings. Even the tax treatment and repatriation rules vary between these accounts. 

Moreover, within these accounts, there are other options like savings, current, fixed deposits, and recurring deposits that serve different purposes. Before filling the application form, NRIs should try to know more about the different types of accounts to choose one that best matches their banking needs. The bank can also help in making the decision. 

Open an ICICI Bank NRI Account from the Comforts of Your Overseas Home

ICICI Bank offers complete flexibility to its NRI customers by allowing them to open an account online or offline even when they are overseas. Apart from India, the bank also has an extensive banking network in several foreign countries to provide world-class features and services to the customers. 

Now that you know how to open an ICICI Bank NRI account from the USA and UK, visit the bank’s official website to begin the application process today. 

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