How to Make 6 Figures Selling Credit Card Processing

A bank account specifically used by the businesses for making and receiving payment is called Merchant Account. For Instance, a merchant account allows a business to accept credit card payments or other forms of electronic payments as well. This has become a very profitable business and a lot of people are selling merchant services. Selling Merchant Accounts may yield a seller a minimum profit of 30 dollars on each merchant account every month. Similarly, a Credit Card Processing ISO or Independent Sales Organization is doing similar jobs. More commonly known as an ISO or MSP, it is a third-party company contracted by the credit card member bank for the procurement of new merchant relationships.

How to be a Successful Credit Card Selling Agent?

The job of a credit card selling agent is very challenging and tough. Because many of the merchants who have been accepting credit card payments for quite a long time have felt misled, deceived, or even lied by the merchant sales and service agents. They have been promised with incredible savings but unfortunately, none of it has been materialized. Apart from the same, there are diversions regarding the rates mentioned in the contracts as well. Thus merchant services sales is not a very easy job since you have to be smart enough to serve them with the best solution. The following steps would surely make you a good Merchant Services Agent:

  • Know your Role-

Since the pricing structure of the credit card is too much complicated, you need to focus on two things to convince the merchants. First of all, you should always focus on cost-saving deals and secondly, you need to have a good understanding of merchant services pricing.

  • Always educate merchants & Be Transparent-

To become a good merchant services agent, you should never mislead or tell lie to the merchants. Secondly, you should give them good services or technical trainings to maintain a good rapport with them. You should always carry an instant solution to the problems faced by the merchants.

How to make 6 Figures Selling Credit Card Processing?

Though being a debatable topic, it is seen that the leading sellers selling merchant services or selling credit card processing do earn over 100K Dollars in a year. Generally, the seller earns up to 500 Dollars every time they sign a new client. Apart from the same, there is an additional bonus of approximately 1250 Dollars every month. Though this amounts to a very good sum of money, but the top sellers selling merchant services are interested in the Residual Income.

What is Residual Income? Every time a client is paying to the merchant through a credit card, the processing company gets to earn a certain amount of money from every transaction and it ranges from a penny to a few dollars. The processing company keeps on receiving the same till the time the merchant is using its credit card processing services and out of the entire amount earned by the processing company, the selling agent who had signed the merchant is also entitled to a handsome percentage of commission that becomes huge at the end of the year.

Lastly, selling credit card processing is a very lucrative job and a seller gets to earn a huge amount in a year and it is almost 5-10 times if compared to that of selling merchant accounts.

And so, with determination and vision, you’re poised to start a payment processing company. Begin by researching your target market, understanding industry regulations, and formulating a clear business strategy. Secure essential partnerships, invest in cutting-edge technology, and prioritize security to launch a successful and sustainable enterprise in the fintech landscape.

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