What Are the Winstrol Side Effects?

Winstrol is the name for the synthetic steroid hormone stanozolol, which was created by modifying the present steroid DHT to extend its muscle-building properties and reduce its masculinizing side effects.

Winstrol is technically still approved for a couple of medical conditions, but no pharmaceutical companies within the US have produced it since 2003.

There are still a couple of companies that produce stanozolol in Europe marketed under the name Stromba, but much of the Winstrol within the U.S. comes from private labs or individuals “cooking” their own steroids in places like Mexico or Thailand.

Winstrol has also been given to animals for several different reasons, most famously to racehorses as how to enhance their performance. (Horses run faster on steroids, too.)

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The primary reason bodybuilders and athletes of all stripes take Winstrol is to create muscle, gain strength, and improve performance without gaining water weight or body fat, or suffering negative side effects of excess estrogen production, and to amplify the consequences of other steroids.

The main side effects of Winstrol are:

Liver damage

A drop by natural testosterone levels and testicle size


Toxin exposure from tainted steroids

And a number of other health problems starting from cancer to hair loss to infertility.

Winstrol is an oral steroid, which suggests it’s been chemically modified so it can’t be weakened within the liver. While this makes it more convenient than injectable steroids, it also can cause liver damage, cancer, and ultimately death if taken in large amounts for long periods of your time .

Winstrol reduces natural testosterone levels during a matter of days and testicle size during a matter of weeks, this effect persists for as long as you continue taking Winstrol, and it doesn’t resolve until several months after you stop taking Winstrol.

Although many bodybuilders claim Winstrol causes achy, tight, or sore joints, this concept is presumably a long-standing Internet rumor.

All steroids can increase the danger of acne, and this acne tends to be much more severe than what you’d experience naturally. That said, Winstrol is more mild than other steroids during this regard.

All Winstrol employed by bodybuilders is produced by private labs and individuals or stolen from pharmaceutical companies, and far of it’s counterfeit and certain tainted with toxins, impurities, and pollutants which will cause serious short and long-term health problems.

The bottom line is that regardless of what steroid users say, they’re putting their health in danger by taking steroids. There are ways to scale back the danger (not taking massive doses, taking periodic breaks, etc.), but you can’t eliminate them entirely.

Steroid users often look remarkably normal, and this is often particularly true when they’re taking less potent steroids like Winstrol. While you’ll use someone’s FFMI to inform whether or not they’re buy anabolic steroid online, only blood tests will tell you what steroids they’re taking.

So, if you would like my two cents, it’s this: stand back from Winstrol and other anabolic steroids.

While they’ll sound like an expedient, effective, and more or less effortless path to gains, the cons far outweigh the pros if you look far enough into the longer term .

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